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Weekly Wrap Up!



Before we review the past week, I want to point out that the deadline for the Poetry Anthology is just NINE days away. If you are planning on submitting a poem (and I hope you do), it needs to be sent Lugh by April 17.


Our week started as always with a Hosted Author review - and this week, Roan wrote a review of Renee Stevens' Eternity. This is a story that I loved when I first read, and Roan's review is a great reminder of what a gem Eternity is.


Our tips this week were both very useful for authors - how to Blog for Exposure, by Cia and Writing for Technical Geeks, by Myr. Great helpful tips - and if you have a tip that you think others would find useful, let me know and you may be featured in the future!


Our Author Showcase had a review by Houdinii of Charlie, by our Promising Author Hamen Cheese. Houdinii really enjoyed Charlie and it shows in his review. We also had a review of K.C.'s Mr. Anonymous. Our new special guest reviewer, Fozzy Bear, made this his first review and I'm glad he did, as Mr. Anonymous sounds like a great read.


Our Writing Prompts by ComicFan were "The Wedding Secret" and a First Line prompt. Take a peek at them and give one (or both) of them a try. If you post them on GA.Stories, you can now choose "Prompts" as a genre when categorizing your story.


We ended our week with a look back - a Blast From the Past from the 2007 Spring Anthology. K.C. did a review of Time to Grow Up, by Jack Scribe. Jack did a really interesting modern twist on Peter Pan.




Anthology Announcements:

  • Poetry Anthology "Cracks in Time" - Due April 17th
  • Summer Anthology “Choices” – Due June 8th
  • Novella Anthology "Secrets Can Kill" - Due July 31st

GayAuthors.Org Announcement



In Premium this week:


Displacement by DKStories


By our Hosted Authors this week:


The Only One by Renee Stevens


Paternity by Mark Arbour, Book 12 of Chronicles of An Academic Predator (CAP)


The Secret Life of Billy Chase 6 by Comicality, Book 6 of Billy Chase Chronicles


Standing in Shadows by Krista


Circumnavigation by C James


Crosscurrents by Adam Phillips


By our Promising Authors this week:


Nemesis by David McLeod


Aglanthol 4 - Tyrnae (Journey to the Otherworld) by Dolores Esteban


The Prompt You Say! by comicfan


GA Writing Prompts by Dolores Esteban


Blue by Bugeye


Have a great week everyone! Read, Write, REVIEW!!!


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