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Blast From The Past!



Today we're going to revisit another Anthology Entry from some of the earlier anthologies. So from the 2007 Spring Anthology: Fairy Tales, here is the review for:




Jack Scribe

Reviewer: K.C.
Status: Complete
Word Count: 8,584


“Time To Grow Up” 2007 Anthology piece by Jack Scribe is a modern twist on a timeless fairytale of Peter Pan. The character of Peter Pan has delighted children and adults alike for more than a hundred years. Peter’s carefree life of a playful boy who never grows up is intriguing, but who wants to be stuck as an adolescent forever?


After the Lost Boys went home and Wendy was long gone, Peter is still stuck in Never Land. If it wasn’t for Tink, he would be all alone. The gender swap of Tinkerbelle being Tinkerboy is charming.


So, what is a boy, who never ever ages, to do? There’s only so many times one can masturbate before even that starts to get old. Peter doesn’t want to be alone anymore, but it’s been over 70 years since the Lost Boys went home. The ones still alive were now old men with grandchildren and even great-grandchildren. Of all the Lost Boys, Peter still feels a special connection with Nibs.


Peter’s scared to leave the comfort of Never Land, but when he sees Nibs' attractive grandson, Nelson, has Peter finally found a reason to grown up? Can Peter really give up fun and fairy dust for a chance to find love in the real world?


The whimsical feel of the story is charming. I would rate it 5 stars, since even with his own twists to the story it still has that old fairytale lure that thrilled me as a kid, yet the new version excited me more now as an adult. Well done Jack!




Why don't you go check the story out and leave a review! And don't forget, read, write, and review! If you are interested in reviewing a pre-2009 Anthology story for "Blast from the Past" please contact Trebs or Renee Stevens.

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