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Hey y'all

Billy Martin


I just wanted to say hey and let everyone know, that's interested, T&T is still being worked on as I type this. I am on vacation in sunny Florida, but I haven't stopped working on it. I would like to be able to get back on a weekly schedule, but that would take gettting a few chapters ahead. I just don't have the time to pump out a chapter a week AND write good chapters. So I hope everyone will bear with me as I get my life back into order (most of you know the other issues I'm dealing with while I write the story) and make the time to finished T&T or at least Book 1 of T&T, IF you guys would like to see more of Andy, Joey, and Roger.


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Stop teasing. You should be enjoying your vacation, not doing work, even on your story. :lol: You know you have a fan base. Rest, relax, recoop, and then you can go to work. I swear what does it take to get you just enjoy yourself? Great, now I've become a mother hen. :)

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Listen to Wayne :)

Your fans will stay with you. Don't put so much pressure on yourself, we know that life comes first.


And enjoy Florida :)

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