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Renee Stevens


So, in the last week, mine and my hubby's past have seemed to make themselves known. Just a few days ago I ran into my ex mother-in-law and oh boy was that awkward, but so not the reason I'm writing this blog. LOL.


Anyways. If you read my status update, you already know that hubby and I went to a Joe Diffie / Sammy Kershaw concert. We had a great time, but it was certainly not without it's moments.


First off, the first area we were standing there were a lot of obnoxious drunks in front of us. Made picture taking nearly impossible, but I managed it for about 10 minutes. After that I asked hubby if we could move somewhere else, because they were just getting really annoying (it was a whole group of drunks). Anyways, he agreed and so we moved to the other side of the stage. It wasn't long before he pointed out to me that his ex-girlfriend was standing in front of us with her newest guy. He'd spent quite a while with this girl, lived together, worked together, etc. so it was a pretty serious relationship. He'd also been engaged to her. Won't get into why they broke up, just glad they did, but one thing is that she told my hubby he wasn't marriage material. *shakes head*


So, anyways. Once she noticed him, it was actually quite comical to watch. She kept turning around to look at the hubby and pointed him out to the guy she was with and to some other lady (maybe her mom?) she was with. She kept looking back at him through the whole concert. What was even funnier was that my hubby, while he's usually pretty affectionate he stepped it up tonight. I asked him if he was doing the whole "Look what I got now" thing. He denied it and so I asked if he was lying and got that "maybe" that instantly told me that I was right. I will add that I was probably a bit more affectionate than I usually am, but hey, it's not my fault she didn't know what she had when she had it. I'm just glad she didn't realize what a great guy she had (though I think a lot of their problems were sister related, just like what most of our problems deal with).


But yeah, I just thought it was kinda funny, especially since she couldn't stop looking at my hubby.

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Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...I wonder what her new, um, man...had to say to her after that concert. :lol:

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LOL! Aww, did you guys get to enjoy the concert at all???

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LOL Y_B. It certainly seemed to bother her more than it bothered us.


MJ85 ~ I don't know, but I'm sure that was an interesting conversation to say the least.


Cia ~ Yes, we did still get to enjoy the concert. We just found it funny and so I thought I'd share for anyone who needed a giggle. LOL

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