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To Shave or Not To Shave

Yettie One


Ok so a bit of a break form the norm for me today, I am going to write something that is probably a little bit of a rant, a little bit controversial, and you will probably all be telling me that it is down to personal taste, but still, I'm going to vent about it anyway.


Late last night, a little bored, perhaps a little frisky, and being a full blooded male, i sort out some interesting porn and chose to be entertained by some on screen antics for a while!!!!


Shock, horror, the Yettie Watches Porn!!!!!!!!!!! To right, it is entertaining, can be amusing, and serves its purpose. Don't judge me too quickly, I'm sure you've checked it out once or twice. ;)


Anyway, my rant is not so much about the quality of the porn, as it is in a trend among males today, that I just fail to understand, and completely do NOT see the point in.


Shaving one's junk!!!!!!!


Ok, that is about 70% of the current male population up on the defensive already. I shave because it's clean! It makes my junk look bigger! I shave coz it's neater and looks nice.


Erm sorry, that's a load of crap!


In the particular track I chose to watch last night, there was a really cute twink, probably in his early 20's with really dark hair and pail skin. Now as you would expect, he's a guy and got body hair, however, this particular young man was in some way a distant relative as he was hairy galore. Haha, Yettie Style hairy we are talking people!


So the video is running, and eventually the inevitable happens, and his underpants are slipped off below his hips, and almost immediately I was presented with a lilly white patch of skin surrounded by a dense jungle of hairiness maybe three inches anywhere from the proudly attentive manhood and bits on display. It looked ODD.


But this was not all. When he was spun over onto his stomach, after a very good going over one might add, there was a landing strip of paleness all the way up his beautiful buttocks, which if it didn't look odd on the other side, just looks plain ridiculous on this side.


So I ask myself, what is this crazy rage at the moment of removing natural body hair?


I have heard many reasons given over the years, and I am sorry, none of it makes any sense. To be completely honest, I really find it quite disturbing, and I shall explain why in a bit. But first let us examine some of the variety of excuses I've come across.


1. It looks better.

A completely hairless crotch looks better? Sorry I quite think that the contrast of hairiness between the skin of the man's crotch and the pubes that nestle it, actually works quite well. If anything it makes it stand out more. But ok, I guess that this can largely be interpreted as a matter of opinion on this excuse.


2. It feels better.

Well this just makes me laugh. When I was a younger I had a serious incident and was hospitalised for a number of weeks. While in surgery I was shaved down there, and over the next two to three weeks as my pubic hair regrew, I had this uncontrollable itch I simply could not ignore. Now this is something I've heard from a number of guys who shave regularly too. When they leave it a bit too long, the itch is there and is mega irritating. So causing an itch feels better?

Next point would have to be that as a man, I am all to familiar with that 5 o'clock shadow we talk about on the face, and let's be honest we've all done some considerable kissing action in our lives at some stage, and when you smoosh up against a stubbled lips, your own lips can get pretty raw with the action. Now personally, I am really not too keen when engaging in some sneaky oral activity to get a stubble rash from contact with a prickly crotch. No, thank you very much.

Lastly, if you are a man and you shave, we all know that the inevitable slip of the hand, the slice of the razor, the sting of the cut. Oh My Gawsh! This is one pain I can quite honestly say I don't want anywhere near my downstairs bits thanks. I mean I can dab a bit of aftershave on my face and let it calm down, but down there? I really don't get the whole point of putting the crown jewels at risk of a mortal injury just to feel better. tongue.png But then again this is just me.


3. It's cleaner!

Well sorry if this is the case, shave your head, your face (including your eyebrows and eye lashes), your arms, your legs, your chest, oh yeah, and your back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you never heard of soap?

It has been serving the masses very well for the last 2000 years, now suddenly we want to shave our junk because it's cleaner? Does this suggest that when you bath, you wash everything BUT your junk????

Get real!!!!!!


4. It makes my bits look bigger!!!!

Ahem. Are you that insecure that you desperately need to make it APPEAR to be another 2 millimetres bigger? I'm not even sure that the removal of the hairy bits is going to show off your inadequacy any better!

I mean, come on, lets be logical here. A man naturally is hairy, so the removal of the hair is not going to enhance its appearance. If anything at all, all it serves to do is make it appear as if the junk may have come off the body of a pre pubescent male of the species, and that my friends is defiantly NOT making it look a single minuscule bit bigger!!!


These are just some of the reasons I've heard thrown about to lend support to the trend of shaving one's bits.


But really, let us be completely honest here, why would we be so obsessed with appearing hairless? We grow up, we get older, we go grey, we gain wrinkles, we get fat. The list is endless. This image of eternal youth has gone squew-if!


We inject poison into your body to stop wrinkles and end up causing our upper lips to become immobile when speaking or laughing and look totally friken weird. (Simon Cowell a perfect example) We insert silicone breasts into our anatomy and then cause a national health scare when it is discovered some unscrupulous supplier has been using industrial grade silicone to make the blasted inserts. (PIP Implant scare) We go under the knife so frequently for this tuck and that tighten that we end up looking as scary as Joycelyn Wildenstien. (excessive cosmetic surgery) It is bloomin scary!!!!!


That is not to say that shaving your body is anywhere near as serious in its potential dangers, but still, what is its purpose?


Thing is, I think it is a phase. It is just one of the crazy things we think is cool right now, and so we partake in it. Women get bikini waxes and stuff, so it is cool for the beauty conscious male to pay attention to the neither regions too.


Ok granted it is a thing of choice. But pause for a moment and consider this. In a world fixated with looking younger, does shaving our body really give out the right message? We expect a young lad to be hairless. To have the innocence and beauty of naivety and a carefree world to explore and grow and learn in, before the pressures and confusion of sexuality and hormones and emotions makes life chaos. So when I see an older person craving for that appearance of youth, it troubles me. Maybe this is due to a heightened sense of awareness. We hear on our news every day right now of the most prolific serial sex offender ever to have existed in the UK, and I cannot help but ponder how it happened.


This is a pretty evil world in which we live, and while I am not suggesting that simply shaving your bits is indicative of anything sinister, I do think that in some ways it is just not right. Society changes, evolves and adopts new habits, norms and trends. However, not all of them are for the right reasons, or sensible choices. I know a lot of people may very well disagree with me, and I do not wish to cause offence, but this is my blog and my point of view, so while I can accept you do as you please, please also accept that I can speak of what I think. This is not me pointing a finger or making an accusation, it is simply me musing how very different and weird the world I live in today is from the one I grew up in as a lad.


Thought for today - "I've been dating since I was 15. I am exhausted! Where is he?" - Kirstin Davis


Song for today - My Kind of Love by Emeli Sandé

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ERmmmmmmm, first of all, the words of the song were very meaningful. Thanks for sharing:)


I am guilty of watching porn, M/M porn.( my face is red as hell.) I don't mind the shaved look, but I think the trimmed, neat look is better, on both sexes. I get to have an opinion on both. LOL


While women look much better neatened, some men really don't need a lot of landscaping, but some could stand a little. JMO


This damned place makes me tell all my secrets. ;P

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Extremely well-writ piece on the subject and I really like your astute inference.(I hope you are not a socio-anthropologist then you may have read that eternal youth theory in some articles. Cudos to you if you haven't.)

Now, lets start at the very beginning Yes, I do shave from time to time and there are othertimes when I let the jungle grow as it pleases. I am not partial to the pre-pubescent look. But, I would not deny I am turned on by it. Is it wrong? may be. Is it common? more than you care to know. Does it indicate deviant behaviour? no.

It just indicates your sexual preference. Just like, not dating a black man does not make me racist, shaving my junk does not make me a sex offender. But, there may be a certain correlation to the fantasy needs of the person. Some serial sex offenders shave not to leave an extra piece of evidence via the hair. Gay men are more likely to shave, an old medical myth imo but still in use to identify Sodomy convicts.


For an asian guy the above mentioned point four is an extremely valid point. We, unlike blacks or arabs are not blessed with mighty pythons. Watch an asian video and you will understand. Us, Indians are a mixed bag. I, myself were once horrified by my friend's erect dick; the monster looked a good 10 inches and extremely disproportionate to his body. With my sensitivities an extremely huge junk is a turn off.

About the patch, I personally favour the greek statue look, not too much or too little. Check out David by Michelangelo and you will understand.


About the medical end of the bargain, Shaving can be a real health hazard, especially in those parts. The hair is not for decoration. It perspires and releases pheromones. Pheromones attract your dream mate and Perspiration keeps your nuts cool, 2 degrees cooler than your body core temperature. That temperature is needed for spermatogenesis. So, shaving in itself can lead to functional sterility.

Nextly, the act of shaving itself produces millions of microscopic cuts in your skin, even if you don't damage anything grossly. These act as a portal of entry for skin commensals and can lead to cellulitis. Your genital skin is thinner compared to the facial skin that you shave regularly. So, more chances of infection. The inflamed skin can also act as a royal road for STDs including AIDS. So, even if you are wearing rubber, a imperceptibly small cut in your gentital skin can destroy your life. At first, you have more chance of contracting Gonorrhoea. And when you have that, the rest of the package easily follows, ending with HIV. Gonorrhoea and Syphilis, my friend, are both very sneaky offenders and can remain asymptomatic for a long time or may appear quite benign like an insidious urethritis, which clears off in a few days. Their dangers in post Fluoroquinolone era, is not from themselves but from the associates, HIV being the prime one.

I will end this with a small advice para, Do NOT shave just before a date to look good. Do NOT shave if you are not being monogamous. Do NOT shave if you are with a sero-discordent partner. And for those who do shave regularly, DO remember to use proper water-based moisturisers afterwards. The itching is just from dry skin and new hair follicles growing. Shaving may block the hair pores leading to Furuncles and even Cellulitis, both I have experienced personally. So, be careful and don't over-shave. Do NOT try to get it extra smooth. Keep these pearls in mind and SHAVE RESPONSIBLY.

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We, unlike blacks or arabs are not blessed with mighty pythons........ and SHAVE RESPONSIBLY. :D :D :D


OMG Asam you make me giggle. What a well considered response. hehe.

To be fair, I had not even considered the health issues. That is really even more of a reason in my opinion to steer well clear. hehe

Yeah I totally agree that if you choose to shave that it does not point to anything, it is just something I guess I don't really understand, but then there is so much in the world of sex that is mystifying like a foot fetish, another thing I haven't got a clue as to how it could be such a powerful sexual fetish for some people.

I guess part of my choosing to write about it, is my desire to want to understand, or maybe my curiosity of the things that make each of us so independently different in some ways, yet so similar in other ways. It fascinates me. :)

Another thing, having lived in Africa, I can confirm that for the vast majority of African Males, the python thing is a myth! ;)

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While women look much better neatened, some men really don't need a lot of landscaping, but some could stand a little.


Ok I have to be honest, I didn't really give much consideration to what I'd consider attractive on a woman, but then again, I would also have to admit I've never really thought of that part of a woman in detail of attraction. I mean it is easy to decide what is beautiful in terms of one's facial features or body appearance, but erm.....

Yeah well. :P

I don't mind a trim at all. Again just personal preference. But as a hairy man, I think maybe I really quite like hairy men! :P

So shaving maybe is robbing me of something, and that is what makes me frown at it. haha.

Secrets? On GA? Come on JoAnn, you should know by now there is nothing ya can hide on the Yettie's blog! ;)

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Trim, trim, trim. Don't shave to the brim, nor too close to the qu ahem! It looks much better when playing in the gym, if its not poking out from the crease of a limb. It's true that it's nothing much more than a whim, but claiming for hygiene is correct and not dim. The lengthening of tackle to the eye of a him, is also quite true if there's a bush that is grim. But if it's overly grown and gets under the rim, of the dentals and tongue as your trying to skim, the head of a guy as thick as a shim, it's a pain in the neck if its like flossing with him. A pube round the tonsils will cause you to stim your salivaries and get tonguing around expelling the flim. So the obvious thing is to trim, is to trim.

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I was having a similar discussion only last night with Stuby, I love porn. I'm finding it hard to find hairy porn. Look at my baby bear, he's hairy, none on his back (we both like that). When I watch porn I like to imagine it's me and Stuby, but when they are so clean shaven they look like young boys, its a right turn off.

I can put my hand in my pubes and it almost disappears, what is wrong with that? I have shaved my bits for pics, but only because of a mistaken assumption, it's what people like.

It does itch like hell and when your a big lad like me it does get pretty dicey.

So I'm with you Roberto, leave it alone! :)

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You just reminded me it's time for a trim.



Your Cousin on the Sasquatch Side


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