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  1. rustle

    COVID is just the Flu!

    Dude, I'm so sorry. At first, I thought this crap was milder than the flu, but a whole lot more transmissible, and the greatest threat was the burden on the health care system. The more they learn about this, the worse it seems to be. I'm sorry to hear about all your struggles with it, and I hope you see much relief soonest. I agree with Aditus regarding maskholes.
  2. How many times do you look at your watch before your brain registers what time it is??? 


    1. rustle


      What's a watch?

      If you had said calendar, I'd say 4-5 every time. I like to plead dikstraction. Oops, freudian slip.

    2. rustle


      What's a watch?

      If you had said calendar, I'd say 4-5 every time. I like to plead dikstraction. Oops, freudian slip.

  3. rustle


    My first attempt at a pet portrait, Woobie Bear
  4. rustle

    leatherwork projects

    These are some of my recent projects.
  5. Thanks. I think it's getting better. I'll be doing more hand stitching. Lacing is fun, but it's bulky. The antithesis to a card wallet's purpose. I started making these because my wallet was so fat, it put pressure on a nerve in my spine. My sciatica hasn't bothered me for over a year. Total thickness of this is .125" (1/8").
  6. I made a series of dog collars for the shelter in Santa Fe. This was one of the original designs.
  7. This is bindweed, a native, pervasive plant growing through the floor into my house.
  8. I'm not totally happy with this one because of the color, so I am keeping it for myself. I refined the pattern, and I'll be doing it over in better colors.
  9. rustle

    horny toad2.jpg

    Up on Borrego Mesa, I encountered horny toads 3 times this year. They're an endangered species. This is a traditional Native American design.
  10. He's the best teddy bear I could ever hope for. 117# of hilarious
  11. This is a portrait of Woobie Bear. It's taken from a photo, and it's an experiment in pictoral leather tooling. Attached is the model pic.
  12. I'm very happy with this card wallet. Hand stitching turned out well, tooling feels great in the hand, and lines are crisp.
  13. production work, original designs pictoral roadrunner floral cattails and dragonflies western floral
  14. rustle2000@yahoo.com

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