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Throw your son out of a chair why don't cha?



So dinner, yes dinner. Dinner turned into an unexpected disaster that ended with me falling out of my chair, and me yelling and me hitting the Liar with my fist.


I went to my mothers house because apparently she wanted to cook for me. I was weary of this but as I wrote before I wanted to talk to my stepfather about her behavior. So much to my surprise the Liar is there cooking with my mother. My stepfather had to stay late at work. So I said crap just get it over with. Naturally I called Chaz and asked him to join us. He was there a few minutes later.


We sat down to eat and we were actually having a nice conversation. The Liar was being quiet so it was all working out. I mean I definitely didnt want to be there but I didnt feel like I should run for the hills either. So my mother recounts a funny story and we're all laughing when I fall of my chair. The Liar laughs uncontrollably and calls me clumsy. So I'm like alright fine it was funny. Yet this doesnt stop there. He begins calling me name after name until I yell at him and ask him to stop.


This is when he tells my mother that he and I had sex once. I really wanted to control my anger. I yell once more but he just laughs. So I did what any civilised person would do I walked away. I went outside and Chaz followed me. He tried to calm me down. Just then my stepfather approaches us. We talk to him for a little while and I explain why I'm outside. He seems to understand and he tells me that he hates the Liar too.


This is when I hear, "Hey fat ass when did you get home?" Now my stepfather is a little overweight but its nothing he can't carry well. I truly hate people that like to pick out other peoples weak points. Especially when the people they are picking on are very kind people that would never harm a fly. My stepfather looked like somebody had hit him with a brick. I pulled away from Chaz and I walked over to the Liar and my fists fly at his head one by one until Chaz pulls me away from him.


The Liar comes at me again and gets a cheap shot before Chaz lets me go and I'm on him again. Needless to say the neighbors called the police and I almost got arrested. I wont be going to my mothers house until that bastard leaves. My mother and I talked ultimately and she said that he needed some stability for a while and I understood. My mother heard what he said to my stepfather and that she would talk to him about that. She told me that he had never said anything like that to my stepfather in front of her. My stepfather said that this was the first time he's said anything like this.


I'm not glad to say that I hit him. I really didnt want to hit him but I cant be responsible for his actions.




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I don't know why... But I'm glad you sluged him. :blink: Poor Saint Vivian is going to be soooo disproving :thumbdown: of my approve, :2thumbs: but you know what??? One can only take so much before they turn from this => 0:) Until this => :evil:

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green, you didn't really ask for advice, and I don't know all of the details. However, after reading this my impression is that your mother is in way over her head with this situation.


In other words, she means well, but she may not have the ability to handle things in the best way for all concerned. Just my thoughts, for what they're worth. At any rate, I support you in taking care of yourself with regard to this person.



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He needs some stability right now so he's allowed to create havoc? :blink:


This guy has got your mother conned. Kick dat ass.

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Guest Rob Hawes


I don't condone violence except in self-defence, but I hope you knocked ten shades of shit out of the little cretin. You went there to see your mother and stepfather and he treated you like crap - if I was your mother I would have had his bags packed and his arse out of the door before the dinner was even cold. No offence, but your mother needs to get her priorities straight. You're her son, but you don't feel comfortable going to her house while he's there. Your stepfather can't stand him and has to live with him. He may need stability, but he's taking advantage of her good nature and making life difficult for the people who really do belong.


I think you should stay away from the house until he's gone. Your mother can come and visit you, I assume, and I'm sure you can both meet for coffee somewhere, but you shouldn't have to put yourself in a position like that again. His behaviour is disgusting and frankly I'm stunned that your mother is putting up with it.


I really do sympathise mate and I hope your mother sees through him soon, but until then keep your distance. The scumbag isn't worth getting into trouble for. Have faith in the power of karma and if he doesn't get what he deserves in this life may he come back as a dung beetle.

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I concur with all said. He is the real live twin of Aaron Keslin! I don't condone violence but I sure as heck understand what you did and why you did. I say its time he find a place of his own and right quick. I also concur with those who said you should stay away from him. Have your Mom and step dad to your place-minus the evil spawn!


I am just glad that Chaz was with you. The Liar scares me as much as the character Aaron Keslin does...the sad part is the Liar is a real live person and Aaron Keslin is just a character but the type that is very much like the Liar.


Hugs to you and Chaz and to your Mom and stepDad. I hope the Evil Spawn moves far far far far far away.


I have this feeling he is the type like in Fatal Attraction that will find his way to be your neighbor. With your luck he will move in with the evil neighbors with the evil children......


Hugs and then some to you....I hope your fists aren't hurt and Liar is packing his bags now to move to another continent!



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