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An Irish story of magic for St Patrick's Day - Shamrock Lite

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blog-0478781001426381416.pngHello everyone! My newest story, Shamrock Lite, is out today published by MLR Press. It's a lighthearted and slightly nostalgic homage of mine to the wonderful country of Ireland and its rich lore. You can find the link and blurb below!




MLR Press



Shamrock Lite


One lifetime of experience, and suddenly magic. Richard has come to Ireland to reflect on years gone by, not to become mixed up in the affairs of the fairy folk. The handsome stranger he meets will not be denied, however. He makes Richard young again- for a price.

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Well, St. Patrick's Day is here! To celebrate, I will be giving away free copies of this e-book to anyone interested in submitting an honest, unbiased review of it on Amazon once they have read it. Let me know if you would like a copy today!

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Hey Valk! No worries, since you're the 1st one asking, PM me your email and you get a free copy anyway!

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