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  1. The full moon phase could be hard on a new wolf, so Jimmy did his best to make Sawyer’s transition easier on him. After being up all night, Sawyer’s boundless energy plummeted and he fell into a restless sleep for several hours only to wake mid-afternoon craving mass quantities of food and physical contact through sex. This part Jimmy and his wolf enjoyed. Providing for his mate gave him a sense of completion—of belonging—missing from his life since the massacre at the pack house. He’d forgotten the peace and happiness other wolves could bring by being near. Sharing food. Sharing space. Sh
  2. Mann Ramblings

    Chapter 31

    see previous response...
  3. Mann Ramblings

    Chapter 31

    **evil laughter**
  4. Mann Ramblings

    Chapter 31

    Full Moon lasts three days...
  5. Mann Ramblings

    Chapter 31

    You can't believe I torture my characters and readers? Are you new?
  6. Mann Ramblings

    Chapter 31

    Shut up before I block you and you'll have to wait for months to find out how it turns out.
  7. Mann Ramblings

    Chapter 31

    Next chapter is ready to post for Wednesday as I work on the next. See you then!
  8. Mann Ramblings

    Chapter 31

    I can't help the perviness. It's ingrained.
  9. Mann Ramblings

    Chapter 31

    I'm look ing forward to seeing how they get along with his wolf too.
  10. I used a Pimp Name Generator for Rudolph's Tijuana Christmas. It's like an author's version of Rule 34
  11. Darkness loomed, reaching up from the tree line, turning the sky to indigo. The full moon hadn’t made an appearance yet, but its impending rise sent anxious shivers through Jimmy’s soul. Never had he wished for eternal daylight. Damned early November sunsets. “It’s getting dark out. We should get ready,” Jimmy said. Sawyer’s exhale was loud and hollow. “Yeah. You’re probably right. Clock’s ticking.” Dormant grass crunched under bare feet as they circled the house. They’d spent most of the day inside feeding Sawyer’s bottomless appetite and burning off nervous energy in bed. Now
  12. 2020? What's 2020? Never heard of him.

  13. Mann Ramblings

    Chapter 30

    I wouldn't get too attached to that plan. LOL
  14. Mann Ramblings

    Chapter 30

    All good questions. We'll have to see how it all pans out. (Disclaimer: I never said Jimmy was an Alpha.)
  15. Mann Ramblings

    Chapter 30

    I'm glad making the mating bonds something substantial, no matter how ethereal, would establish a more solid connection between our boys. Makes the stakes that much higher.
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