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Caesura - Delays




There's no talking around this: I'm stuck. The first chapter and prologue is written, but I'm not happy. Beside some minor things I'm struggling with perspectives. I'm experimenting with authorial (omniscient) narrator perspective, but I'm afraid I end up head-hopping a lot. The other option is I change the perspective mid-story, not ideal either.

Then my summer antho story is nudging me. In my head it's almost written and I itch to actually start the piece. There's some beta-reading too.


I need to think and maybe talk it through with people. I promise I will solve this soon. Rant over. :)



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I'm confident you'll know when it's ready for sharing. Until then, I wish you lots of inspiration. And patience with yourself!

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Go with what's screaming in your head the loudest.  We'll all be here when you're ready with Caesura.  If you want to discuss it at all, you know where to find me. :) 

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Just write whatever you feel. I'd rather you be happy with the result than publish something so-so (if that's even possible, LOL). If the summer antho means more Zaidu and Adam, I can live with that... ;)

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@Carlos: Thanks for the vote of confidence, Carlos! Patience isn't exactly my strong suit. lol

@Val: You will definitely hear from me. Thank you, Val.

@Puppilull: *blush* Thank you. :) Yep Adam is telling me his story.


Really appreciate this, guys. :)

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