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No More Hiding - Ebook Available

Renee Stevens


Back in June 2015, my book No More Hiding was published by Dreamspinner Press. I realized that I'd never done my single blog post about the publication. Even if you read it in Premium, there are a couple extra scenes from that which is posted in Premium, plus this is your chance to have a copy for on your eBook reader. If you'd like to be able to have it on multiple platforms (epub, mobi, pdf, etc) then I'd suggest the Dreamspinner Press site.






Phillip Jorgensen tried to live the straight life and ended up divorced. But he wouldn’t trade his two kids, Jacob and Samantha, for the world. His ex-wife has kidnapped them and he's been searching for them for six long years. But he’s not giving up—never, not for anything. His twin brother has encouraged him to start living again, but how is he going to find romance with all his baggage?


When he meets Vance Pierce at the new gym, Phillip sees a chance to find some happiness.


Phillip has to explain the whole sordid mess to Vance and pray that he understands that he’ll never stop looking for his children. That’s easier said than done. Telling Vance might be risky. Is their connection strong enough to convince Vance to stay? Or will he think that Phillip is too damaged to love? This is Phillip's chance at the life he never thought he could have. But is it possible?




Phillip was still trying to figure out where to start when Vance leaned forward, one hand resting on the driver’s headrest, and closed the distance between them. He paused, just inches away, but must have seen what he was looking for.


He pressed his lips to Phillip’s.


Phillip groaned. He wanted more and tried to turn in his seat to reach for Vance. But he growled in frustration as the damn steering wheel dug into his side and prevented him from moving closer.


The kiss was brief and left Phillip wanting more when Vance pulled back.


“I’ve wanted to do that since the day I met you.”


“Why didn’t you?” Phillip didn’t know what else to say. He’d thought about it, more than once, and wouldn’t have pushed Vance away.


Vance shrugged and moved back to his side of the truck. “Didn’t want to spook you. Something about you told me to proceed with caution. Nothing specific, just a lot of little things.”


“Like what?”


“Mainly, you’d never really talk about yourself. I tried a couple of times to steer the conversation into more personal territory.” Vance stared out the front window. “You’d always change the subject or move on to the next machine, yet you were fine as long as it was just light flirting.” “Yeah, about that.” Phillip cleared his throat. “I’d like to give it a shot.” He glanced at Vance, surprised to see his pale eyes focused on him. “If you’re still interested.”


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