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Johnathan Colourfield


So I was searching for stuff to actually do over summer because i'mma have 14 weeks with not much to do.


Then i saw a thing for a summer school in London, and I applied. And I gots it!


I'm going to be an Arts Activity Leader (Drama, Art, Music) at a centre in central London - and I get accomodation! A whole summer in London :D How amazing is that gonna be? :D


Also, they asked me to interview for a Management position - which is scary. They've asked me to interview for Welfare and Accomodation Officer, which is the second in command! :o I only report to the Center Manager and the CEO of the company...


All because i knew about Safeguarding and Behaviour Management principles and been on a course last week about them.


I mean it's only seasonal work, but considering the work that I am in, it is fluctuating anyway with no work during the summer holidays. Note - We don't have a 14 week summer in the UK, just that they've told me supply teachers basically don't get work in Term 6 (June-July), so it would be a good idea to search for work in that period anyway. Which i've done!


So new summer job - either Activity Leader or Welfare and Accomodation Officer :D Then in September, back to my regular Supply job.


Life is good. Terminally single. But good :D




By the way - I LOVE my supply teaching job - so much variety and different subjects, groups and schools. Really my sort of thing. I'm going to be in a school for 7 weeks, as a Resident Instructor - which means i've got 4 days guaranteed work a week for a short period. And if i don't like the school, I'm basically done with them after 2 months lol


Means i'm going to be even more busy than I normally am, but who cares! It's work and money to pay for stuff I want LOL


Like my doctorate...

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