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The Four Fuk-Tards Of The Apocalypse Or... It's Over Folks





The end is near!


These are the best choices of our venerable political system and wise statesmen. I can only conclude that our civilization is in serious decline if the best we can do is the deeply corrupt, a socialist, billionaire blowhard grifter and a creepy religious fanatic.


How did it come to this? The signs of decadence and stupidity have been here for some time. Reality TV. Music Television without music. Boy bands. Rap and hip hop.


This civilization is on a downward trajectory and, the powers at be seem dead set to keep it on that course and double down. More debt. More useless spending. We can't be out of money, we've still got checks.


Folks, this is like ignoring the tilt in the deck of the Titanic. When this ship of state goes down, it's going to take a shitload of people with it.


It's way past time to vote for sanity. It's time to buy guns, dehydrated food and build bunkers.






No. You can't have an abortion and fuck you if you need social services.




The stupid. It burns.




We are living in a new dark age for man kind: the Walmart Culture.

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Funny, parents of the 60's decried the cultural decay that was Rock music, lol. I don't think America is in a cultural decline. As for a political one, I'm not sure.


However, I am optimistic that their will be an upturn. :)

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Parents in the 50s said much the same. And the 70s, and the 80s. And the 90s.


As for politics, a large percentage of Americans surveyed would not object to government by the military in some form or another.


In a democratic republic, we have an uninformed electorate voting (those who bother) and basing their decisions on name recognition, so the reality tv star has the leg up on the zodiac killer.

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There's a difference between now and then. Our debt is a ticking time bomb. When that goes off, a nuke would do less damage.

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