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Use Sunscreen!



Just got a call from the dermatology clinic where I had the latest biopsy on my left ear. The pathology report came back today and it's a squamous cell carcinoma. They'll be scheduling with the VA as to whether they or the VA will do the surgery. They will be recommending one of their Mohs qualified surgeons handle the procedure. They VA will probably say that I should have my ear whacked off just to save a few bucks.


Life moves on, as I've got a lot of writing to do, a dog to house train, and a hot summer coming on.

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Sorry to hear.  :(  I hope the surgery is successful and doesn't involve you becoming Van Gogh.  

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Skin cancer....  I hope you get recovered soon.  :)  Sun nowadays can be pretty harsh.  Use sunscreen and be careful with UV since the environment is pretty polluted (and ozone layer is not in good shape).

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