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  1. Still missing you and  Happy Birthday!

  2. ...GA is missing the GlitteryAntlers

  3. Powerful words, they show the strength of your relationship, the love, the commitment.
  4. glitteryantlers

    Lesson #1

    I like it very much, gives insight into the mind of a Dom. It is very interesting, authentic and unique.
  5. My car started smoking, I got the trailer, fortunately car could go up on it's own. There is hope for that one. I had to sit in the car on the trailer with little son. He was enjoying himself while I had a full blown panic attack. I didn't know I had a phobie related to smoked up cars on a trailer high above the road. 

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    2. SolarMaxx


      I wouldn't call your reaction a phobia, but rather, intelligence. Hope that you're okay now.

    3. glitteryantlers


      Thanks, I'm OKish now, my blood pressure was quite low, when I checked it at home. Haven't eaten almost all day, little son is a little sick, all these things together with the car problems was simply too much, I think.

    4. Puppilull


      I'm glad you're feeling better! 

  6. Every Sunday's lunch in Hungary, served with potatoes or rice, no healthy vegetables. We take Schnitzel in sandwiches when we are traveling, in the cinema, at the opera :-)
  7. glitteryantlers

    D/s BDSM

    Seems like I'm the one sewing the flags. The timing is excellent, I wanted to ask some things today, but didn't want to impose on anyone.
  8. Little son, the raging hydrophobic wanted to take a bath. First time ever without crying his little heart out. He had a good time with a panda-sponge. Hubby had to wait until the kid was cold enough to come out of the tub finally.

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    2. Slytherin


      Awwww :wub:  I'm glad your son liked his bath :hug: 

    3. Puppilull


      Things do change for the better as they grow. Long baths are to prefer over no baths... Hope he stays on the friendly side of water now. 

    4. glitteryantlers


      Hubby wanted to book next years holiday to Balaton right now :-D He hated the temper tantrums and tears against all kinds of water.

  9. We had a few cases of meningitis, young adults and teens and a baby died. The epidemic came from another country. All parents should remember to do the checkups whether the immunity is still enough and in case vaccinate again. Little son's godmother-to-be is afraid of getting something when she'll be pregnant :-(
  10. I miss my friend so much. She moved to England for work, maybe for a few years, maybe forever. Next visit to Hungary is planned for January. A colleague is maybe going to be a new friend, but somehow I feel off center.

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    2. Puppilull


      It's hard to lose a friend to distance like that. Hug!

    3. Emi GS

      Emi GS

      It happens Aunt Ratz... :hug::heart:

  11. We have "some" leftovers from the past centuries. I'm an assistant, I'm glad I don't have a dress code. I would hate it, if I had to wear a skirt and heels. Thank god I have my protective gear for the factory and I can wear whatever when working as a secretary. Our school is a common german school, the only one with a bilingual program in town. Budapest is a beautiful city, I lived there almost my entire life, but I like our suburb much better :-)
  12. I'm not that brave, I have an undercut, but I don't think my boss knows it :-D
  13. No, my daughter is only in second grade. The older girls are coloring their hair, but it mustn't be too wild. Boys are definitely frown upon :-(
  14. Cool, I got the hair chalks last week, but we have to wait until the end of the school year. It's funny, I thought your daughters would have lighter hair :-)
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