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A lot has been going on and it's been a while since I've been as active as I was before. Listing down the changes in my life seems easier than having to write it down in paragraphs.


1. Just finishing my 1st year degree program in uni. Had 2 papers to resit by the end of the semester, but I nailed it.


2. Finally signed up for a license at the DMV near uni, convenient since the goal is to drive to and from school. ( I should've done this ages ago but money was tight back then.)


3. I have a few more days left before I have to go on a field trip for 10 friggin days. It wouln't be as bad if only I wasn't the group leader and have to deal with the whole planning of the trip and the activities. Thank god we have another week off before having to go back to school.


4. Obsesed with YouTube gamers and Twitch streamers. (Vanoss, H20... etc.) and also video games on Steam.


5. Saw a woman at a diner sitting alone waiting for her dessert writing on what looks to be her journal and got inspired to start journaling myself. I lost interest in writing for a long while now, but I thought instead of jumping straignt into writing a story, I decided to polish my writing skills by journaling and blogging. Plus, having a selection of cute notebooks motivates me. Only thing is, most of my thoughts are wicked so I'mma have to keep my journal from anybody.

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