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  1. Frank Moore was stymied by the need for a reference. In more ordinary times he’d visit the famed law library at NYU, ranked sixth on the National Jurist’s list of the top 199 law libraries in the United States, but the library was closed because of the lockdown. The same was true of the Columbia University law library, ranked twenty-third, or the Fordham University law library, ranked forty-sixth. Even if he took the time to drive to Ithaca upstate, the Cornell law library, ranked tenth on the list, was also closed. Most of the resources of the libraries were still available online, including
  2. “Whatdaya mean, the Ragin’ Cajun’s closed?” Dave asked his boyfriend. It was nearly two o’clock and after trying for more than two hours to place an order for lunch from the Ragin’ Cajun through GrubHub, they’d finally been told that GrubHub was unable to reach anyone at the Ragin’ Cajun, even by phone. Figuring that Asher was probably busy in the restaurant’s kitchen, Josh texted Asher’s boyfriend, Seth, to ask what was up. That was when he discovered that the Ragin’ Cajun was closed for the foreseeable future and possibly for good. “The fuckin’ Feds seized both of the Whites’ restaurants
  3. For the residents of New York City, the Covid-19 pandemic took most by surprise. Schools closed and teens and preteens, used to seeing each other everyday, found themselves instead with parents and siblings. Online conferencing was a poor substitute for human touch and nothing could replace the kiss of a boyfriend or girlfriend. Dave had enough to worry about with his mother being as a nurse, but when she was admitted to the ICU at Bellevue, his uncles from Seattle and his boyfriend became his lifeline. He couldn't help but wonder, though, what would become of him if she didn't make it.
  4. David Schuster felt like he was living in an alternate reality. Like everyone else on the planet, his life had been upended and nothing about it was the same. It was as if everything was off-kilter – tilted slightly so that he was always on the verge of falling. Humans by nature are social animals and no amount of technology could substitute for the simple reassurance of a human touch. Social distancing might help to prevent spread of the virus, but it wasn’t normal. FaceTime with his boyfriend was little better than talking to a robot and living his life, 24/7 within the same ‘four walls’
  5. When Josh and his sisters move from the Brooklyn neighborhood of Manhattan Beach to the Lower East Side of Manhattan, he quickly befriends a group of gay kids that go to Stuyvesant High School, where he's a freshman. His youngest sister, Robin, forges her own relationships with fellow students at the Salk School for Science. In the meantime Freck's mother attempts to make amends. All look forward to the festivals of Passover and Easter, but then a global Pandemic forces a change of plans.
  6. Altimexis

    Part Two

    The sound of three cell phone alarm clocks all going off at once was enough to wake the dead. One would have been enough, but my sisters and I figured that the chances of all three of our phones dying at once was nonexistent. I reached for my phone only to find it wasn’t there. Crap, I’d plugged it in last night and would have to get out of bed to shut it off. Sarah and Stacey, my sisters, had already shut off their phones and made their way to the bathroom to start getting ready for school. Since I slept in the top bunk, over Stacey, it took me a bit longer to climb out of bed, but something
  7. Altimexis

    Part Three

    “I don’t know, guys… I don’t think this virus is just gonna go away,” Seth said as we sat down to lunch at Stuyvesant High School. “What, you don’t believe the president when he says it’s under control?” I jokingly replied to our friends. “Not when he’s more concerned with how well the stock market is doing, Freck,” Kyle chimed in. “It won’t be doing well much longer,” I responded. “Not when the numbers start piling up.” “They’re already piling up,” Asher agreed. “If you look at what they’re doing in China and how extreme it is… you can’t do that here. But the virus doesn’t kno
  8. Altimexis

    Part One

    “I can’t believe you’re moving, Joshy,” Dimitri said as we walked around Manhattan Beach Park. It was a blustery winter day with overcast skies and angry swells on the Atlantic Ocean. The park was pretty much deserted, as there wasn’t even a beautiful view of the ocean today to attract runners and skaters. Nearby Brighton Beach was a better place for those things anyway. “First, you got into Stuyvesant,” he continued, “and now you’re moving to The City. You’re gonna live in Manhattan, man.” “You can always come and visit me,” I countered, “or I can visit you. Fuck, I commute from here
  9. Last spring, Jeff was reunited with his long lost love, whom he last saw nearly fifty years ago, when they were both in their teens. Abandoning a life in California and moving in with Paul in New York City, merging two lifetimes into a 3-bedroom prewar apartment proved to be more difficult than either of them imagined. Things come to a head when they can’t agree on how to renovate the kitchen. Leave it to Paul’s grandson, Seth, to come to the rescue with a surprise plan, just in time for Valentine’s Day.
  10. Seth Moore grew up on New York’s Lower East side, the son of a New York State assemblyman. He loved his dad and admired his dedication, but then his dad was arrested on federal charges of corruption. It couldn’t be! When the Feds moved against his boyfriend’s family and seized their restaurants, their only means of support, something had to be done. Would Seth’s dad cop a plea to insider trading and go prison for a crime he didn’t commit, all for the sake of his son and the boy he loved?
  11. I was practically comatose as the teacher went on and on about Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometry, when my counselor, Mr. Reynolds, appeared at the classroom door. The teacher Interrupted her discussion and went to the door, speaking to Mr. Reynolds for a moment before turning toward me and calling out my name. “Seth, gather up your books and backpack. You’ll be going with Mr. Reynolds.” When I got to the door, Mr. Reynolds gently grabbed my arm and guided me down the hall. I certainly didn’t think I’d done anything wrong and he didn’t seem to be treating me as if I had. My first tho
  12. “Happy birthday dear Kyle… Happy birthday to you!” I really was happy. Eleven at last – not yet a teenager, but old enough that people were starting to listen to me rather than treating me like a little kid. Everyone sang as Dad brought out a large sheet cake with eleven candles on it. We were all in our swimsuits and huddled around a patio table next to our enclosed pool. How cool it was to have a pool party in December! My birthday cake was decorated with the likeness of a vinyl record on it, with a tone arm in place on the record and musical notes on both sides. It was ironic, ’cause I
  13. Freck and Kyle are both seniors and they’re out and proud. They’re also protégées, as Kyle just turned eleven and Freck is about to turn thirteen, on the day after Christmas. Kyle wants to get his boyfriend something special, but the watch Freck likes is way out of Kyle’s price range. Maybe with help from friends and family, and with a lot of self-sacrifice, he can swing it, but they’ll both learn the greatest gift is one they already share - the love of family.
  14. Like the namesake movie released in 2000, which is set in LA, What's Cooking (in NYC) explores the lives of four families as they make preparations for the Thanksgiving holiday. As with the movie, there is much unexpected drama, but with the added wrinkle that all four families, who are well-known to NYC Holidays readers, are waiting for loved ones to arrive on the same flight from California. When a glitch in Air Traffic Control occurs, anything can happen.
  15. “I can’t believe these amounts,” Seth exclaimed to his boyfriend as he went over the order they’d just placed for Thanksgiving. They were in Seth’s apartment on New York’s Lower East Side and, as was typical, his parents were out of town. For most of the time, the boys lived on their own although they were young teens. Seth’s father was one of the most powerful politicians in the New York State Assembly and spent most of the year up in Albany, but at the moment he and Seth’s mother were in San Francisco on a fact-finding mission related to fire safety. It had been an historic fire season in Ca
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