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  1. Altimexis

    J.J. v2.0

    The facts that led J.J. to this conclusion are spelled out in the next chapter. J.J. was born in 2005 and, supposedly his mother died in childbirth, according to his father. His father was supposedly raising a young child by himself when, in 2006-2007, the gun J.J. later used to shoot him was used in a string of bank robberies. That means that his father either 1) acquired the gun after it had been used in the robberies, 2) robbed banks while simultaneously caring for a baby or 3) robbed banks and then kidnapped J.J. from another family. J.J. simply came to the conclusion that of the three, that last was the most likely. We'll later learn just how severe and perverse the sexual abuse really was. Until now, J.J. never questioned what his so-called father had told him about his past, but suddenly confronted with contradictory evidence, he was forced to question what he'd been told and realized it was all probably a lie.
  2. Altimexis

    J.J. v2.0

    That's a good point about the possibility of Applazon torching the shack. Too bad I didn't think of it. Actually, the likelihood of a kitchen appliance starting the fire is high, given the active electronics in even a simple toaster, let alone a microwave. For that matter, televisions actually have a track record of starting house fires. Keep in mind that the electrical line was spliced into that of a neighboring farm, likely bypassing the usual protection of a master circuit breaker. Arson is a lot trickier than most people think, as accelerants are easily detected and a fire would draw the attention of law enforcement to a crime scene they didn't know existed. Better to let time do its thing and let the termites and worms destroy the evidence.
  3. Come Monday, I dressed in a business suit, as I’d become accustomed to wearing, and exited the hotel to find the company limo that had been sent for me. I always wondered what kind of impression I made as a smartly dressed executive who was clearly only in his teens. The look on the driver’s face was priceless, however, and because he was obviously not that old himself, I greeted him with, “I know I’m strikingly handsome, but I’m undoubtedly too young for you.” Laughing hysterically, he rep
  4. I went into a deep funk after the accident and barely even acknowledged Christmas as it happened around me. I’d already bought presents for everyone I knew, so at least I didn’t have to go about buying any after the accident. It was the first time in my life I was actually in a position to buy nice Christmas presents at all; I was still rather poor when I lived with the Rodriguez family. The presents I bought for Frank and Shaun, of course, were never given, nor did I ever take the time to retur
  5. Altimexis


    The only organized criminals in this story are the ones in the executive suite at Applazon, so to speak.
  6. Altimexis


    There’s more backstory to Shaun and some of it will come out in a few chapters. Shaun has a lot of issues to work through. We’re not done with Shaun by a long shot, but it may be a long time before he makes his next appearance. In the meantime, a mysterious respiratory virus will emerge in Wuhan and spread across the globe, and I probably don’t need to mention how that will affect Applazon’s business. J.J. is going to be rather busy for the next couple of years, but his travels will afford him the opportunity to solve one of the great mysteries of solid state physics. Since I know how much you love my technical descriptions of things, we’ll get that out of the way in the next couple of chapters, so we can get on with his social life.
  7. Work was ahead of schedule on construction of the new server building, and installation of the robotic arms on the prototype server was complete. The self-contained cooling system was nearing completion, and once installed, final testing would begin. We’d not only caught up but were ahead of schedule. In the meantime, I’d finished all of the coursework for my bachelor’s degree in computer science as well as that required for my master’s and my Ph.D. I’d even submitted my Ph.D. thesis proposal, w
  8. https://gayauthors.org/story/altimexis/cliffs-pendant/
  9. Altimexis

    Dim Sum

    Authors are evil. 🤪 Without giving too much away, an important chapter in J.J.’s life is coming to a close, but a much more exciting one is about to begin. Very soon, the significance of the story title will be revealed.
  10. Again, I awoke to visions of being chased by my dad, but then I saw Shaun in my dream, and everything was okay. I quickly fell back to sleep and didn’t wake up again until the alarm on my phone went off. I groaned as the sound woke me and my boyfriend up after a night of making love. It was so tempting to just turn the alarm off and go back to sleep. It wasn’t like we had to go to Chinatown this morning. The reviews for the DimSum Palace were even better than those for Jing Fong Restaurant, and
  11. Even though it was after 10:00, there were people waiting to be seated, so we waited more than twenty minutes, during which the wonderful smells of the food were making me insanely hungry. While we waited, we were able to look at the menu, which was quite extensive and included everything from simple deli sandwiches to hamburgers to full meals. One thing it was not was cheap, but then Junior’s was world famous, this was New York where everything was expensive, and this was a tourist area on top
  12. Things at work were moving slowly, and we were running into problems on all fronts that threatened to result in unacceptable delays. If the servers couldn’t be ready to be mass-produced and delivered starting in December, there would be no choice but to switch back to using the conventional servers for which the facility was originally designed. Thermal sensitivity of the circuitry was turning out to be a major headache, with component failure happening frequently during freeze-thaw cycles. We c
  13. Following the directions on the GPS to the coordinates my boyfriend gave me, I drove my new car west at first, then south until we turned off on a tiny farm road. We reached a line of trees, at which point the pavement disappeared and along with it, directions from the GPS. Shaun told me to proceed into the trees on a one-lane dirt road and then to turn off onto what looked like nothing more than a footpath with just enough room between trees for the car to pass. Ultimately, we came to a seclude
  14. On the last day of Driver’s Ed, we each took a victory lap around downtown Omaha on Interstates 80 and 480, in traffic, crossing over the Missouri River twice. We headed back to the school and hugged each other as Ms. Livingston signed the spot on our learner’s permits that indicated successful completion of a course at a qualified driving school. I couldn’t believe how fast the summer had gone by. Only half my weekends were free, and so I’d spent two more full weekends with my boyfriend si
  15. Altimexis

    Buttered Balls

    Office relationships can succeed spectacularly, or they can explode and leave much collateral damage. I'm not going to comment on what's ahead, but there's a major clue in my words. Regarding my culinary skills, I've actually never made that sandwich, although I've had ones that are quite similar. I haven't eaten any red meat in some 20 years. My dad died of a heart attack when he was 58, but his first heart attack was in his early forties. None of the men in his family lived past their fifties. I can't do much about genetics, but I can control what I eat. Ah, the memories of beef.
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