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After School Satanists!





OK. I was against prayer in schools. The problem is that once you allow one religious nut in, you have to let them all in.


But nooooo. I'm a horrible godless heathen and I just don't understand. The decline in our culture is because we don't have prayer in skools.


I hope you're satisfied. Now we have the After School Satanists. That's so much better!


What are you doing for mandatory Ramadan? How about Hanukkah? How about Khordad Sal (Zoroaster's birth anniversary)?


You fundamentalists idiots started this shit.


Now quityourbitchin and feel the burn of multiculturalism destroying your culture.


In a few generations your values will be completely forgotten because you had to open Pandora's box in the public schools.


Gee thanks morons.

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Well I remember in high school I wanted to claim Judaism so I could take off Rosh Hashana. I mean I wouldn't have gone to the synagogue or whatever, but I wanted another day off!

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