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What is your favorite "happily ever after" moment for CAP saga characters?

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Bar none, my favorite "and they lived happily ever after" was the ending of Matt and Wade's story at the end of Flux. What a lovely happily ever after moment, and a great way to send off the characters into the soap hereafter. (Well, for the most part.) 

I also liked Stefan and JP finally finding each other at the end of If It Fits, and Max Granger finding love with Father Tim. They seemed so well suited to each other.

I also liked how Mark essentially set JJ off into a pretty good place at the end of Black Widow- a city he loves, finally finishing up high school, a cool internship or whatever he wants to call it with Not Anna Wintour, a great friendship with John Carullo, and a bestie/girlfriend with Zanie. Kid had enough trauma- I'm glad Mark set him up with a pretty decent happily ever after.

I would have said the ending of Millennium with Brad and Robbie but...well...unfortunately things didn't stick. LOL

I don't think Mark has really given Will a "happily ever after" yet because he's still the main protagonist so he kind of can't. LOL

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1 hour ago, centexhairysub said:

JP and Stef finally realizing that they truly belonged together; even if it wasn't everyone's idea of a perfect traditional relationship.  

This is the key journey of all, for me, though there might be more…….🙏

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37 minutes ago, Gary L said:

This is the key journey of all, for me, though there might be more…….🙏

Agree. It's the bedrock on which the drama has unfolded. 

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2 hours ago, impunity said:

They're pretty minor characters but Isidore and Frank are super cute. 

Agreed. I really adore them as a nice background couple.

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