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A Lesson in Basics

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Confucius' philosophy and my views have differences in social organization and morality, but in terms of government organization, and the role of leaders in a nation, I am probably one of his deepest disciples.


I am going to paraphrase a Chinese question and its dialogue:


A question in the Confucian Dialectics is asked among Confucius scholars that is both broad and narrow: How does one "know" what they are doing is right for a nation?


Student 1: "One does not need to know as the Tao/"Way" is best revealed by inaction and the freedom of the people will allow nature to run its course. It is best to be Right and Good through the flow of Tao."


Student 2: "One should "create" what is righteous and good for the people's benefit, inaction will only lead to confusion as none can find harmony, nor Tao/the Way without direction."


Student 3: "One should seek to observe what has already been set as righteous by divine law of Gods and ancestors, we human beings cannot know what is righteous or good, so we must accede to the wisdom from the ancients."


Student 4: "One should seek out the price of rice, vegetable, and meat in the market place. For above all these ideas of the direction of a leader, no nation can exist without its people having enough food to avoid hunger. It does not matter if the path is achieved through direct charity of divine rituals, release of rice from government granaries, or removal of tax on rice as the people will befed. If a leader should achieve a time where even beggars will not want for a meal, then he has done right by his people."




Student 1-3 reminds me of Libertarian, Liberal, and Conservative political divide, but Student 4 is someone Americans and I think Western Politicians have rarely seen in existence, a leader with no care of ideology just the results for the good of the society.


Leadership rises above ideology



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