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Watermelon Dresses

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Wen my niece was 3, I was in my sewing phase. Some fabric company had just come out with a set of watermelon fabrics, with one looking like the rind, and another being red with white and black watermelon seeds. I also found a pattern for preschool girls dresses that was a watermelon. I made it.  It had this huge bib like collar that was half a watermelon, and the pockets were triangle watermelon slices. I even found lady bug buttons and added felt leaves and ladybugs.


It was my first zipper, and I messed it up. My niece's stepdad's mom replaced it for me. So for years my niece insisted Grandma C made it, even though everyone including Grandma C told her that's I made it.


the dress was a swing dress and my niece was a twig, very tiny. She literally wore the dress for about 4 years, two as a dress, then two more as a top?


Dress Lilly now has a watermelon dress, and my niece wants it. Odd to see I influenced her tastes as we aren't close at all.

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