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Feeling down tonight

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Warning guys - female reproductive issues


This past Tuesday I had a total hysterectomy after 10 years of dealing with endometrial hyperplasia. After the surgery, the gyn examined a suspicious ovarian cyst and determined it is cancer. Good news, the cyst was intact and he believes he got it all, but sent everything off to a lab to be sure. Waiting on the results is wearing me down. Hormone induced mood swings probably aren’t helping. And no, I’m not a candidate for hormone replacement due to a high blood clot risk.

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Preliminary pathology reports back. The cancer was in both ovaries, but no where else. It appears to be borderline, or less invasive. Tissue was sent to another lab, so still waiting.


NIH released a study summer 2018, linking ovarian and testicular cancers as hereditary, with a possible link to FAP cancer syndrome. Oddly I have a second cousin, on the side with lots of colon cancer,  with glioblastoma also linked to FAP cancer syndrome. So I requested genetic testing. The doctor tested from BRCA and Lynch but not FAP. Lovely

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I will not send you cautious hugs, but an embrace of hope and support. 

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