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I spent a few hours sailing today and it was bloody awesome...     :*)


The yacht was a Beneteau 40 foot, and it was great to have the wind in my face as we sailed in the large harbour,

with an average of 15 knot apparent winds.


The Shipwreck in the background,  in the first photo is the Cheyes II, one of the last Whaling ships in Australia.


Southern Ocean Sail.jpg

Southern Ocean Sailing.jpg

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It certainly looks like it was fun. There is something special about being propelled over the water by wind alone.


How long has the wreck been there?

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OOoh, I have a fear of shipwrecks, but I clicked anyways. Now I'm all bothered! XD


Haha it looked like fun though!

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6 hours ago, drpaladin said:

How long has the wreck been there?


I'll answer my own question.  :)


The  Cheynes II  is a 440-ton steam-powered whale chaser which operated until 1978. It was sitting stripped at a jetty in Albany when it broke loose during a storm in 1992. It is grounded on a sandbar in Princess Royal Harbor.

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Yep you got it right there drpaladin.


I will hopefully be out sailing again later today, and looking forward to it.

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