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Echo and Echo Dot




So, I picked these up on sale over the Christmas season this year.  I've really gotten into the habit of using them.  I have Hue lights in my living room and in my mancave and it is so nice to say "Alexa, turn on the lights," when I have my hands full.  Or to turn them off.  Or, since they are Hue, change them to any color as the mood hits.  I'll do a separate post on Hue soon.


I also get my weather now from Alexa, usually a couple times a day.  It's really handy.


She can do other things as well, and is getting better all the time.


As for the devices themselves... if you are planning on using them for streaming stuff like music or audio books, then I'd strongly recommend the Echo.  If you're just asking about weather or interacting with smart home devices, then the echo dot will do.  As it stands at the moment, I have an Echo Dot in my living room, an Echo in the Family room and an Echo Dot in the mancave.  I'm watching sales and I'll be deploying more Echos so most of the house is covered.


Have any of you tried these yet?

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Overall, these are great products that do what they should. I agree with your assessment. The Dot speaker is adequate, but not impressive.

Theres one annoyance I hope will improve. Interacting with Sonos is beta. Let’s just say it shows. Hoping for improvement in 2018.

I use Alexa for music, weather, news, re-order from Amazon. She’s great when I need a timer for cooking. So many uses.

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we got my dad an echo for Christmas... Alexa tells some pretty good jokes... yesterday I said, "Alexa, tell me a unicorn joke." She said, "What do people from Boston call a unicorn? a unicon." 

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I won an echoed dot as a door prize. I liked the feature that you could interact remotely,  it haven’t gotten it paired with a phone yet. 

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