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My newest project



Warning:::: No rant ahead this time


Alright, so I've been working to make my stories better through my editor, Talonrider, the greatest editor of all time IMO. While he's been working his butt off on my story, he's also been working hard to get me hosted on some really awesome sites, including CRVboy and his site, The Talon House. There's no way I could ever pay him back for all of his hard work and his patience with my bad spelling and grammer.

While he's been doing all of that for me, I've been a little busy myself......I just threw together a webpage the other day, and when I say I threw it together, I really mean it. I have to go back and re-align some of the links and work on the design, but I added what I hope will be my final banner (I've changed it a lot of times :) ) to the GA top site......I've moved up already from somewhere in the 180's to 114, and I'm hoping that more people will vote for my site. I have to work today from 10- 3:15, but when I get home, I'm going straight to my pc to do some more work to it...in the meanwhile, if you want, you can go check it out


Nick's Story Page


I know it looks kinda gay right now, but I just wanted to have another place to host my stories. Im gonna keep working on it to make it better. :)






Recommended Comments

Hmm. Not bad for a first attempt. I know I never would've tried to use tables. My advice is go for a solid colored background it's easier on the eyes, and use what you currently have for a background elsewhere.


Also, you've chosen good colors generally speaking, they're easy to read. I'd choose another color for "My Long Jump Off" as it's better to have light against dark or vice versa than light against light or dark against dark.


Images are nice, but you don't want to go overboard. Check out "The Gimp" for a free image creation program, and maybe make yourself some buttons if you feel like it. For ideas on web design check out places that you find easy to navigate around like google, or a news site like news.bbc.co.uk. If that's a bit much, just keep it simple and get things lined up. If you need help, send me a PM, or if you just want something really simple search for open source templates or html templates or something similar.



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