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Candidate season

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Fae Briona


So much for a relaxing day off.  We're bringing in candidates for a few open faculty positions.  Flight for the one leaving today has been delayed / cancelled. Waiting on automatic call-back from the airline to cancel the last two legs, as the candidate has made other arrangements to get back home (weird set of coincidences, but at least they have a way back).

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    • By asamvav111
      For Timmy, Emi and Mr. Benus:
      Incomplete Love
      All relationships are a work in progress,
      A building to be finished, an infinite mirror
      Beneath a starry sky. A battle between belief and reality,
      A compromise between expectation and evolution
      Between engagement and understanding.
      Experience vs. Emotion
      Broken crumbling pieces of self mixing
      Into happiness and grief and regrets
      Creating the mortar of us. Bricks and days
      And labours of indecisive Apollos' creating
      The walls of Troy only to be breached
      By a stupid wooden horse
      Of momentary weakness,
      Merrymaking in the filth as snakes slither in
      Our garden.
      Yet even then looking up you see
      The angelic choirs praising
      The one perfect moment of absolute happiness,
      One moment in eternity where you and I became Us.
      The slowly dying flowers in the vase are laughing at the trees outside.
    • By comicfan
      Okay, I have been in physical therapy for two weeks now, and have finally found my first bit of relief. Yesterday, my therapy took a new direction. In addition to the chiropractor
      , I have begun trigger point therapy. Basically, they insert needles into the muscles of my back and inject something to force the muscles to relax. I hadn't realized how tight the muscles were, but a day later my back is in constant ache mode. I will take that as a success.
      At work one of the women I really get along with is leaving. Her position is open and I am applying for it. It would mean a set schedule, no closings, and Saturdays off. It would be the closest I come to working a 9 to 5 job while in retail. Wish me luck.
      Dad is doing okay. My second cousin is up to see the family, her friends, and take care of a few odds and ends before her wedding. With my back an hour is the outer limits of what I can do right now. Traveling down to Western Pennsylvania for her wedding isn't something I can do by next month. So I got to see her today.
      A friend is going through what can only be a really rough patch in his life. No one should have to deal with the blows he has had recently. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.
      Meanwhile, another friend has graced me with a package. I love and look forward to a card so you know I was like a little kid at Christmas. Thank you Jo Ann. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated.
      To my friends, well beware started another round of postcards. Stay well and be happy.
    • By methodwriter85
      Alright, so it's the new semester. I have a job on campus at the student dining hall. Work is work, but this time around I'm getting more hours. And to be honest, I really don't like two of the shifts I have- I don't like the pace, and while I know I could get used to the duties over the semester, I just don't feel like $7.25 an hour is worth getting aggravated trying to get used to something when I've got two other shifts with job duties I'm used to having. This week I'm working somewhere close to 20 hours, and I'm just feeling like it's too much for me. I'm considering dropping back down to about ten, getting rid of the two shifts I really don't like having, while being open to "sub" in for other shifts.
      I totally thought I could work about 12 to 15 hours, and I don't know if I can really do it. On one hand, I really like making extra money, with spring break coming up and everything. On the other hand, I'm starting to feel like I'm getting stretched thin- not there yet, but when the academic workload really starts coming in I don't know how I'm going to feel. I feel like the hours are already cutting into my study time.
      I hate feeling like a quitter, but I really don't know if I can carry this kind of job workload all semester. My gut feeling is telling me to cut back on my hours, but I'm worried about how that will make me look, as well as lost money opportunities.
      What do you think?
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