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Tha mi sgith

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Fae Briona


Had my second counseling session yesterday. Honestly not sure how effective they are. Things are, ever so very slowly, getting better. Getting easier to think of the good times and the memories without hyperventilating or collapsing into a pile of tears. Doesn't look that professional when it happens at work.  :(


Biggest hurdles for me are still the guilt of not having told him that I loved him -- even though I know he knew I did, and I know he felt the same way about me; and letting go of the idealized version of our next date, which would have been so very soon, when we had so many firsts planned.  The feeling of having waited too long for those things -- even though I know that if I had pushed him too fast he would have bolted and ran. He was so afraid of being hurt again. A special place in hells for someone who hurts someone else that badly.


Still odd random things that will trigger a wave of pain and grief.


I love you my baby - you will always be your daddy's boy. 💗

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There is so much love in your blogs ... if there is any way for C to know ... then he does.  Don't torture yourself, though i know it's hard.  He wasn't ready to hear it, but as you know, he knew you did. Let that bring you peace. xoxo

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