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Sadly all great things must come to an end...



Hi guys. Hello guys! Are you there?


Alright so Chaz and I got to talking and we decided that we will not be posting in our blog anymore. It's time for us to concentrate on our own lives and lead our own private existence. We've been very open with this blog so far and we want to try to move on now. It's time you know?


Just so you Guys know Chaz and I are engaged. Yes who would have thought right? ^_^^_^ Well it happened last night. He bought me a ring and I bought him a ring. You should have seen the look on David when he saw them.


Our last post will be the last chapter to the Shadow Boys. I believe that were on post 124. Our last will Be post 125. Again Thanks a lot You Guys. Chaz and I are very grateful for all of your replies and all that was shared. You guys are all truly great and we will really miss you guys. This doesnt mean we still wont be around GA so drop us a line here and then.





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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! I just discovere dyour guys blog... i went and read everything from the begining... i like being a part of your life. PLEASE DONT STOP!!!!!!!!!!


but i am so happy for you two on the engagement and since you are going to stop bloging... i just want you to know that they will be greatly missed and that i loved your guys blog... maybe you might pick it up again one day. but if you dont i just want you to know that i hope you guys are happy together and that i will miss you guys telling me what is going on...




later ~ nick :read:

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I am so happy for you both! That's awsome!!! Since this is kind of ment to be your last blog I'll just say I wish you both the best in life. It's really been something else watching your relationship develop from the begining and now your engaged! :) I'm so excited for you two! I can understand though how it's time for you to move on. Please don't hesitate though to drop in a line every now and then. Your blog entrys will both be missed. :(


Green, I hope your back heals completely and that you have no more troubles with it. :)


Good Luck and Best Wishes to you both!!!


- Kaiten

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Dear Chaz and Green


First thing I want to say is congratulations on your engagement!!!! :2thumbs:


Guys, I want to wish you both all the best, for your future life together.


Chaz and Green, you know what a relationship is all about...that it isn't all about moonlight and roses and that sometimes life will try to throw one of you off balance, but you also know that your husband will always be there to hold you up until you are able to get a surer footing.


Everyone will miss you around here...reading all your adventures and being part of the ride. But we also understand that you are going to take time for yourselves....to take the ride together, alone.


I remember once Chaz, you asked why Green always wrote his name in captials. I still don't know...but when both of your names are equal in size and both capitals, it shows to me that you are now equals. No one is better or more important in your relationship than the other. And that is how it should be! :great:


If you decide to occasionally drop us a line, to let us know how you are going, that would be better than great. :D



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Guest Kitty


Green and Chaz, I am so happy for you.


Blogging is an interesting thing, the idea that you're putting your private life out there for the entire world to see. Sometimes it's right to do and sometimes it's not. So congrats for having the wisdom to know when to stop.


Anyway, I wish you all the best. You both deserve it.





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Your guys' blog was just an amazing experience. You guys let us GA members into your lives, and we have all fallen in love with you two. Thank you for a great look into the life of two people very much in love. You guys are awesome, and I hope your lives are filled with nothing but joyous occasions and a surplus of happiness. Once again, Congratulations!

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CONGRATS! :2thumbs: That's really good news. I wish you both the best and hope you have a happy life together. :D


Maybe you could at least update us when you adopt little greens and chazs :whistle:



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Aww Thanks Guys.


We will miss all of your comments. They mean so much to us. Hugs for everyone all around. :2thumbs::2thumbs::music::music::2thumbs::2thumbs:


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Hi Guys as a way to thank you guys we've decided to have a Q and A session with you guys. Send us an pm with any questions you would like answered and we will do the best to answer them. Just please do not ask where we live, anything pertaining to what goes on in our bedroom or where we go to school because we will not answer that. Anything else is alright.



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It's sad to see that you will not be posting here anymore :( , but its true all good things must come to an end. You know Green I think I said it once but will say it again you were one of the reasons why I joined GA, let me get into more detail since this might be the last time I will post in your blog I was at nifty I ended up reading DomLuka's The Log Way so after that I somehow found A Hero In the Hallways by the one and only Green. I ended up here at GA but was really hesitant to join. I started to read your blog and some of Dom's and I finely joined so I could post a comment on one of your blogs, but I never did. I did not comment on you blogs till months later and that was like last month to be exact :blink: . I still read your blog whenever I could. My schedule is a hectic one, one day on my day off I actually went back to read as much of your previos blogs (by the way breathe me feels what I am going through right now). I was really tired by the end, although your life makes mine look like its a boring one, but its not. Well I need to stop here I got plenty to say but I should keep this short. Thanks Green Because I never once regretted joining GA and if I never would of read your blog I would probably not be here or a member here. Thanks Alot




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Green and Chaz and Chaz and Green,



Congratulations!! May you have a lifetime of Love and Joy and Happiness and Good Health and even during the bumpy days remember that you love each other and as long as you have each other forever and communicate, as you express your hearts and minds and souls, you will be always together...and Married for life:)


You belong together forever and belong to each other for the ages!!


May the blessings of life always be yours as you hold each other close and remember lots of hugs and kisses and when you in your rocking chairs holding hands 80 years from now, you will have lived a blessed, wonderful and loved filled life:)





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Hey Guys :D


Congratulations! That's truly awesome that you two are engaged! I wish you both all the best for the future :2thumbs:


It was nice reading your blog and it will be missed, but of course you guys know what's best.


Take care and be happy in all you do together :)



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Guest Blue-


I Wish You two The Best In Life ^^ congrats too! Hope your life is full of love! :wub:

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