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I cant do this anymore, it's killing me!



I cant do this anymore, it's killing me! I see it on Green's face he misses this blog. It's like his own personal diary and I know he misses it. I know we decided to not post here anymore but I don't think that is fair for either of us. Plus I want to tell you guys how we got engaged.


Alright So I Miss It Too, sue me.


So we're coming back and we would really like to do this Q and A session so please PM some or add them here. (Remember no questions pertaining to our bedroom or where we live and go to school. We wont answer those)


WE LOVE YOU GUYS and we really would like to come back if you would have us...




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Guest Kitty


No, I'm sorry, it's too late.




(Belated) April Fool's!! 0:)


Seriously, the last week or so has been really strange out there in cyberspace, so I figure everything done during that time period should be taken with a humongous "grain of salt".


So here's my question, for each of you: what is it about the other person (I'm asking Chaz about Green, and Green about Chaz) that you each appreciate the most?



Kitty :)

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Welcome home guys!!


I havent read any but a few of your blog entries before I had my own personal crisis and fell behind in keeping up on everything at GA, But I enjoyed the few I did read!!


As for Q and A--I have no clue what to ask, so here goes.


The first time you guys saw each other, What do you remember the most about the first time you laid eyes on each other? whether it be a part of the body, Clothes worn or words said that stick out in your minds the most? If that makes any sense!! lol


And I don't think anyone will tell you that no absolutely not you cannot start blogging again--Ok maybe after everyone here suddenly realizes they are all straight and they just thought they were gay. :D


Ok so now how did you guys get engaged??

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:D i am very happy you are going to stay, you don't know me but i read about you closing your blog in Nick's blog and thought i would take a look. I am still reading the blog and it is a great read was feeling a little sad knowing it would end once i got up to date so it is great to know you will be sticking around, :)
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Guest Blue-


Weeeeeeeeeeeee! I love reading your guys blog!

But hope this dosent get in your way! LOVE Joo People! :wub:

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Guest delicia


i just wanted you guys to no im really really happy that you decided to keep on writing your blog

i really enjoyed reading it i just got to the begining when i found out that you werent going to be

writing anymore i was very sad to hear that but im happy to hear that you will still be writing and

i want you to no that im happy for you and i think that you to are prefect for each other

love delicia :D

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I wondered how long you two would really stay away. ;)


Glad you're back and I hope you're week's been going well.


- Kaiten :music:

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