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If any one of you...male or female...says that you haven't done it before...

...I'm calling BULLSHIT!!! LOL!!!

Don't you DARE tell me that you haven't seen a gorgeous boy or girl on screen, and got all excited over what it might be like to have them be...you know...'yours'.

And there's nothing wrong with that. It's ok. Hollywood picked that actor to make sure that your naughty parts keep tingling whenever you see them on screen. It's perfectly normal. Consider it a guilty pleasure, if you want to. But we all know that there is ONE celebrity out there that...if given the chance...we'd be tempted to have a sexual interlude with! Be honest! There's a Brad Pitt, a Beyonce, a Justin Bieber, or a Noah Schnapp, out there somewhere that you'd be too weak to refuse if they made you a legitimate offer in person!

No? Hehehe...ok...

::Sarcasm overload::

Fantasies are fun! Sometimes, they can be more enticing than the tales you write about your average 'boy meets boy' stories about romance and finding true love. I mean, there's an added 'prestige' involved when it comes to writing about someone famous, right? The idea that someone who is perceived as being this grand 'celebrity' would ever take the time to even talk to you, face to face, one on one, without being condescending or fake about it. Someone who is MASSIVELY popular is taking tie out of their day to make you their number one priority for a little while. To shower you with affection and devoted attention. That is an entirely different fairy tale in itself, isn't it?

Today, we're going to talk about the pros and cons of 'fanfics' in writer fiction, and how we can make them just as epic and as emotionally involving as everything else we write for our thirsty audience! Cool? So...here we go!


For me? (Let me date myself here for a minute! Hehehe!) It was 90's Eddie Furlong! Oh...my...God! I don't know what it was about him, specifically...but he just threw my hormones into a total frenzy when "Terminator 2" came out in theaters! I mean...it was an awesome movie, but I went back again and again until my friends and I ran out of money...and I did it all for Eddie! That boy just....UGH!!! I was SO in love!!!

Funny note...when I first discovered the Nifty Archive...I found some really hot stories about Taylor Hanson and some other celebrity boys that I thought were really really cute too. Then...I found one about Eddie Furlong! ::Gasp:: Yeah, that story just ignited something within me, and I think it was written by an author named Dean Lidster at the time. That brought me into the whole 'Nifty' thing, and the Taylor Hanson stories led me to another amazing author by the name of Jaxsper Finn...and it's because of those two authors that I took my very first shot at writing something of my very own. Thus...'Comiclity' was born! So, if you're a fan...you have Eddie and Taylor...Dean and Jaxsper...to thank for the reason that I'm even here. And I will give them thanks and praise for the rest of my life for that. Hehehe!

I've only written two fanfics on my site over the years. The first one was "Eddie And Me", which was about Eddie Furlong. And it (unfortunately) got erased TWICE while I was writing it. It hurt, but I wanted my 'Eddie' story, dammit! LOL! So the third version of the story is what's up on the site right now. (You can read it here, if you want to be severely disappointed in my writing skills. Hehehe! https://gayauthors.org/story/comicality/eddieandme) Give me a break! I was JUST starting out, and I had to write the same story three times! So THERE! :P

Anyway, even though it was a painful effort to put it out there, I really wanted to capture the overall 'essence' of Eddie Furlong, and make that a part of the story. I wanted it to do him justice, and make it as 'realistic' as I could. I wasn't really quite sure how, at the time (There was no Youtube back then), but I DID actually get to meet him in person briefly once. And I was too paralyzed to say much to him...but it was cool. Sighhh...

BUT...the point is...he was a real person. Not just a celebrity. Not a character in one of my favorite movies. Not a teen poster pinup that I couldn't put on my wall, because...'gay'! Hehehe! But there was a real person there. And I appreciated that. So, even though I had written my hot and sexy fanfic before ever getting the chance to see him, face to face...I learned that there was more than what I 'wanted' from him. Which was...hours and hours of hot boy sex! LOL!

So, as much as my heart and my hormones were invested in that original story, I know that I would have done it MUCH differently, had I written it today. I would have done more to capture his 'voice', his mannerisms, his lifestyle. I would have worked harder to capture all of the things that I loved about him in the first place.

This is my previous heartbreaking crush from when I was about 13/14 years old...just so you get an idea.

God! Is it weird that I still kinda love him a little bit? LOL!





The second fanfics that I wrote, even though I had many others in mind and just never got around to typing it out...was actually a bit of an 'accident', to be honest. A lucky accident, but an accident, just the same. It's called "Waiting Outside The Lines", and it involves singer Greyson Chance (Who eventually came out of the closet as being gay, by the way! Hehehe...HOT!), and actors Chandler Riggs and Asa Butterfield. And I created a main character named Evan Elliott to be a part of it all, and truly experience and enjoy the thrill of being around these big named celebrities. All of them were beautiful, but I never thought of putting them together like that. So, had it not been for that particular challenge, I never would have written that story. Huge thanks to the person who put that contest together and for making that story possible. It's because of him that it even exists.




Now, all three boys were in their early to mid teens when I began the series, and that's still the way that I see them when I'm writing it now. Even though they've all grown up to be super hot adults now! Hehehe! But, I have fun. So it's all good.

The key to making a fanfic really work and hit hard with your readers is capturing the true feel and personality of the celebrities that you're writing about. To me, that makes all of the difference. I've seen SO many fanfics over the years that were just random sex stories with a celeb's 'name' attached to it in order to create some sort of visual representation of what they were fantasizing about. I mean...if that's all you were going to do, then why not just write your own story and describe the love interest as having the same kind of hair, same build, same eyes, etc? It wouldn't be all that difficult to just picture them that way. Like, if you want to write a hot story about having sex with Will Franklyn Miller...then just describe a boy that looks exactly like Will Franklyn Miller. It'll have the same effect, right?

To me? Fanfics are different...

You're a 'fan', right? Ok, then do some research. You're talking about real people now. The engaging factor of a true fanfic is capturing the real life personality, gestures, and feelings, of the celebrity that you're writing about in a way that will be as realistic and as true to their character as you can get, while still having it play out the fantasy that you want to create. That's where the real 'magic' happens!

Think about the celeb or the characters they play, and re-discover what it is that attracted you to them in the first place. What's cute about them? What do you find sexy? What was it that initially drew you in and made you take notice? You're on the internet! You have a wealth of information at your fingertips...so use it. Watch interviews with the actors or singers that you love. Look at their pictures online. Study their photo shoots. Read the comments they make on Twitter. How do they walk, talk, and interact with other people? What 'quirks' or habits do they have? What is their sense of humor like? These are all things that I think about when writing a fanfic. I want the people who read it, assuming that they're fans of the same actors/singers that I'm infatuated with, to read my story and think, "Omigod! That's TOTALLY something that he would say or do!" Hehehe, and naturally, it's just my interpretation of who they are as a real person, but it's an educated interpretation. One that I created from study and research of them and how they presented themselves to the public eye.

Before writing "Waiting Outside The Lines", this is something that I put a LOT of thought into. I wanted to capture the real nature of the characters, if possible. So I made sure to read about them a little bit, watch their videos, hear how they conducted their interviews...pen and paper in hand to see if they had any gestures or words that they used more often than others. I noticed that Greyson kind of lets his leg bounce sometimes. It might be a habit or a nervous tick...but I took notice of it, and I put it in the story. Asa Butterfield seems rather confident by nature in his interviews, and that was a personality trait that I latched on to...and I made that a part of his character in the story. Chandler Riggs uses the phrase 'awesome' a LOT when he's talking to people. And I took a note of that too, making it a part of his natural dialogue. These are all little things...but it really does help to connect the character you're writing with the actual celebrity that you're writing about. Those candid little quirks will give your story a sense of realism that you wouldn't believe! Trust me.

Check out these brief videos, and then read "Waiting Outside The Lines". See if you can make the connection. The whole idea is to make your fanfic feel 'real', right?



Again, I don't know any of these celebs in real life...but this is the overall 'vibe' that I got from their public appearances. And that research is what I went with when I was trying to create their characters for my story. Now...sometimes it can be fun to play your favorite celebs against type, and reveal a darker, sexy, side to their personality...which can also be a lot of fun. But for me, personally? The closer your representation is to the actual celebrity, the better. I wouldn't have Greyson Chance see a hot piece of ass and say, "Damn, cutie! Nice ass! You wanna make 50 bucks in the back seat of my car?" Hehehe, in my mind, that would be out of character for me. He seems like such a sweetheart. Shy and a bit restrained when it comes to approaching someone for the first time. He's funny and charismatic...and a little bit silly, but in this really adorable way. Just...he's CUTE, you know? And that's how I wrote him. I built his character on what I've seen from him so far. Asa, on the other hand, seems more like the type to be a bit more forward with his advances if he was interested. And that's how I wrote him as well.

Capture the true spirit of your characters when you're writing, and keep them consistent in their behavior. It makes for a better project.

One thing to remember is the fact that not everybody is going to share your attraction or infatuation to the famous person that you're writing about. Fanfiction is a niche category, and if someone sees that you're writing about someone that they don't find attractive or perhaps don't even know who they are...they'll skip over it. Even if it's the greatest love story ever written...they're not paying attention. And that's fine. Sometimes, you've got to just write your fanfiction for you, and you alone. Enjoy it. Explore your own fantasy to its fullest extent, and then share it so a few other people can share your passion for these characters and imagine a worl where something like this could actually happen. Have FUN with your hard work! And it will reward you in the end.

Anyway, that's my talk on fanfics. I hope this helps you out. And if you've been thinking about writing a fanfic of your very own? DO IT!!! Hehehe! Just write the first few paragraphs with that special cutie in mind...and you'll be hooked instantly! I know you've thought about it! Don't try to fool me...I know. LOL! Have fun! Hehehe, come on! There's got to be, like...a really HOT Levi Miller fanfic stewing in the back of your mind somewhere! Am I right? Write it! It'll be sexy! We're all waiting to see it!

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I've never written real person fanfic. All my fanfic is about fictional characters. Not to say I haven't written shameless self-inserts in the past, but I usually don't even use original characters. Part of the fun for me is to recreate the feel of a character someone else has written; to stay true to their personalities while putting my own twist on it. I mean, nearly all my fanfic is erotic, and nearly all of it is gay (I've only ever written one het pairing, and that's Buffy/Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer), but it really is more about the compelling characters than anything else. When I write a fanfic about two characters together, it's because I think they have chemistry on screen/on the page/in game, not just because they're hot. I also tend to base it around moments and plot points from the original stories, expanding on those, with a few notable exceptions. I like writing things that could have happened behind the scenes in worlds and stories I find compelling.

Currently, my projects are a Cyberpunk 2077 fanfic about the player character V and the gay love interest Kerry, and a Witcher (as in the video games, not the books or Netflix series) fanfic where I basically just throw Geralt together with a bunch of male characters from all three games (okay, so there I break my own rule a little, but Geralt screws anything that moves; the idea that he's straight is ridiculous). In the past, I've written Marvel fanfic about Deadpool and Spider-Man, Daken and Johnny Storm (actually happened in the comics), and recently Iceman and Rictor (almost happened in the comics). I've got another CP77 idea brewing in my head... Yes, I love that game, I've completed it 4 times since it came out in December. :P 

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I'm not much into the real person FanFic, though I will admit a guilty pleasure of reading the Boy-Band section of Nifty in the 90's.  And all those stories were right! Lance Bass from NSYNC was gay.  lol.

Now, I certainly use pictures of actors and what not as inspiration for characters, but that's not a FanFic.

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