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September Classic Author Feature: Topher Lydon's Sigil of the Wolf



I went in the opposite direction, and I'm bringing you Book 2 in Topher's popular Falcon Banner series as this month's feature. Yes, this is a super long novel, and yes, you should read it! 

Planet Earth banner for sigil of the wolf classic author feature

Length: 173,703

Description: Darien Taine has resurrected a forgotten hope, freedom to his people, and set his sights squarely on Earth. Shadows of the Empire's dark past reach out to ensnare that hope, a fallen General strives to restore the one symbol that would unite the Empire again. The architect of the fall of mankind weaves a dark net; to lure the Excalibur into his clutches as he brings an ancient superweapon to bear. And fate, wielded as a weapon by a man 300 years dead, is Taine’s last recourse

A reader said: Another excellent story, and follow up book to the first in the series. Well written, and thought out, it kept a good pace. However, it ends on a cliffhanger. If you read the series, just on this site, then you are left wanting more. ~ Brayon 

If you want to spread the word about Topher's story, download the graphic below and add it to your signature!

Make sure you come back on Wednesday to see the excerpt I chose to share!

Topher Sigil of the Wolf Md.jpg

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