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Story Archive Update - 9/19/2021



Greetings all!  We have once again made some updates to our Story Archive.  There are two big ones that affect readers. 

We have added "Highest Chapter Read" to the "My Reading History" page.  (For those of you that have opted-in to reading history.)


There is also now a note in the reading History description, blue box as of this writing, that tells you how many stories and how long the stories will stay in the Reading History.  I also added some notes to the image as some helpful reminders tips on how the system works.

The other update is to add a "Without" filter to genres. This allows you to be more specific in the genre you are looking for.  Such as Romance, without Paranormal.  This can be combined with the Tag filter as well to really dial in on what you want.


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      With the last update to the software, we've added the ability to add new meta data fields to Worlds, Series, and Author pages.  I've just added a new field to the Edit World interface.

      If you have set up a website that has more information, details or images, you can link it here.  This might be a Club for our promoted authors.  Or it might be a World Building website like World Anvil.  Or maybe Dungeon Fog, if you're sharing a map link.
      Anyone writing in Sci-Fi, Fantasy or other speculative fiction does world building.  Not all of it ends up in the story itself.  Do you want to share it?  You can now link it easily.
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