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I spent last weekend out in the country with my BFF for her family reunion.  It’s been an annual tradition for us for over ten years now, and I look forward to it every year.  It’s an absolutely idyllic setting, surrounded by farmland and mountains sporting all kinds of greenery.  There’s no wi-fi, and cell phone signals are spotty, at best.  We sleep in a tent on a hill next to the main house and talk most of the night over a campfire, underneath a clear sky filled with stars never seen in suburbia.  A lot of the people who attend like to play games, so we also spent a lot of time playing a game where we had to create sentences based on a prompt by using a limited number of words we selected from a box.  We also played glow-in-the-dark cornhole, which is insanely difficult, but also a ton of fun!

So where do prompts fit into all of this?  Well, first, I’m totally buying that game we played, so I’m sure I’ll be featuring some prompts in the future based on it.  Second, my BFF’s nephew is an aspiring writer, and we had an amazing talk about writing.  We talked about story ideas, stories/books we like to read, and the more technical aspects of writing. It was wonderful to chat with someone so enthusiastic about writing.  We also talked a bit about writing prompts, so I am featuring two technical prompts today – one from me, and one from him. 

PT Prompt #71

Write a short story featuring only one character.  No secondary characters at all.  You might drop them in the woods and see how they fare, or come up with your own idea, but only one character is allowed.   


PT Prompt #72

Write a short story with no dialogue. 


@W_L decided to take up the challenge of PT Prompt #70 last week.  If you haven’t read it, I recommend checking it out!



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Thanks for the pin @Valkyrie,

I'll return the favor and you might see me attempt another one of these prompts this weekend :) 

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I really like #72, I even have an idea, but I'm still too out of it. Thank you , for taking over, Val.

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