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September Signature Author Excerpt: Diego's Dance with Death by Aditus



Happy September reading! If you aren't already engrossed in a story or series, I have the best recommendation for you. Every so often I love to hit upon my favorite genres, and these stories are right up my alley. Angels, Cupids, and Death. Which are the snarkiest? I'm not gonna tell! You have to read to find out.



“Us lot.”

Sablo shrugged. “Cupids.”

“You told Diego his and Azrael’s auras match? Something I told you in confidence.”

“We already suspected it. He needs to know so he can watch out for Cupids, so you don’t catch him off guard.”

Theliel jumped from the bed and rubbed his palms along his arms. “Catch him off guard.” Theliel looked intently at Sablo. “Like it happened to you.”


“What bothers you the most? That Ayil managed to catch you, a former police officer and Guardian Angel off guard, or that the arrow initiated our relationship?”


“I see.”

“Don’t be like that. Even you have to admit we had huge difficulties at the beginning. If I’d had the choice....” Sablo let the rest of the sentence hover unsaid in the room.

“You would’ve chosen not to be shot.”

“Yeah.” As if he’d only just understood the significance of his words, he hurried to say, “I mean, later, after we would have gotten to know each other more….”

“There would have been a later? You would’ve wanted to get to know me more? A Cupid? One of the flighty boys and girls?”


“Hah! Even after all the time we’ve been together, your opinion of us is so low, I don’t know how to put it into words.”

“You’re wrong!”

“Am I? Do you think we do important work?”

“Well, in comparison to a Guardian—”

“Right. Guardians protect humans from harm. Very important stuff. We Cupids, however, only give them the chance to fall in love, or in the case of a green arrow, in lust. Totally trivial.”


Ooh... someone's in trouble! Who is it? To read more, or catch up on the gist of things click here

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  • Site Administrator

This is perfect timing, considering today is Aditus’ ten year GA-versary!  Happy Anniversary, Wolfie!  Here’s to ten more, then ten more, then ten more… 😁


Winning The Office GIF

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  • Site Administrator

Maybe I might have peeked at a profile. 😇😁

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  • Site Administrator
6 hours ago, Cia said:

Maybe I might have peeked at a profile. 😇😁

I should have guessed :gikkle:  

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I loved that you chose this excerpt from the story, because Adi totally nailed how badly Sablo messed up this conversation. And that lead to us having a lot of fun coming up with ideas of what he had to do to make amends. :P 

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