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Diego’s Dance with Death 6. Viking Valentine

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Sablo and Diego are brothers and Guardian Angels. Sablo has found his true love with the Cupid Theliel, but worries about his brother. Especially when he finds out Death is stalking Diego.

This story uses the first line Prompt 685. It will only make sense if you have read Aditus’ Cupid Central, and Timothy M.’s A.I. team stories.

Copyright © 2019 Timothy M., aditus; All Rights Reserved.

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*pets the screen gently* Hello, wonderful new story tied to the Angel and Cupid storyline. *whispers* I'll be reading you soon. Wait for me.  (No, I do not apologize for creepily stalking this series.)

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On 2/15/2019 at 3:30 PM, Thirdly said:

No, I do not apologize for creepily stalking this series.


You're most welcome to stalk any story we write. :lol: 

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I messed up when posting chapter 6, but I hope this comment will cause notifications for the readers who follow the story.

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