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scarify - Word of the Day - Fri Dec 2, 2022




scarify - (verb) - 1: to make scratches or small cuts in (something, such as the skin, a road surface, or the hard wall of a seed); 2: to lacerate the feelings of

walking highway GIF


The DOT scarifies the white line so that it makes a louder noise when you hit it as a warning before you hit the rumble strip.


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The original Greek word was skariphasth.

An alternate meaning came in 1785, to scare or frighten.

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And it also refers to those damn rumble strips along the sides of the highway.  It's usually a good thing, except for when I lane is partially blocked due to an accident or construction and you're forced to drive on the rumble strip for for an extended distance.  It rattles the fillings in my teeth when that happens.  

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