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muddleheaded - Word of the Day - Wed Jul 19, 2023




muddleheaded - (adj) - 1: mentally confused; 2: inept, bungling

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Humans are not served well when led by muddleheaded ideologues.


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My Mom used the terms muddleheaded, drunk and three sheets to the wind to describe the level of inebriation of a person.

Then there Patsy and Edina who are off the charts.

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Can anyone remember what muddleheaded thing they did to end up drinking champagne on a garbage scow?

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Actually, I haven't heard this term used since I was growing up.  My grandparents would use the word to describe anyone they didn't agree with.  

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Today the 98 degree (38.7 C) heat and humidity left me a little muddleheaded. That's not unusual for Mississippi in July, but it is brutal. You have to watch out for old folks, kids and pets.

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