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Forgotten Treasures

Cole Matthews


Have you ever started digging through an old box and found something you had forgotten about?  Is there a scrap of paper with a name of an old lover, and it makes you sigh?  The memories start flooding back into you as you rifle through ticket stubs and T-shirts at the bottom of your closet.  Things are so good at prompting our personal histories, and so let these prompts give your characters some thoughts about events from their past.  Let the remembrances flow!!!!

Prompt #181 - After Thanksgiving, you are putting the cornucopia filled with wax fruit, the big turkey wall hanging, and the orange and brown candles into your attic space.  Since it's the day after the holiday, it's time to put up Christmas decorations.  You grab the tree, a couple of boxes of ornaments, and a bag with the front door wreath.  Way behind these is another box.  It's covered in dust.  You drag it to the opening, and take it downstairs.  After a good vacuuming, you take out some table decorations of your grandmother's and a couple of ceramic lighted Christmas houses you forgot about.  As you peer into the box, you see something wedged in the corner, with just an edge peeking out.  After you grasp it and pull, you find a folded and stained photograph.  On the back of this photograph, it has the name "Mary."  Tell us the story of this photograph, which conjures up a flood of memories.


Prompt #182 - You got a flat tire, and when you were pulling out the spare, you see a glint of gold.  Picking it up, you see an earring.  You recognize it.  Who did it belong to and what does it mean to you?

Have fun remembering! 


Please include the prompt number either in your story/chapter description or title to help readers who would like to search for specific prompts. Also, please remember that stories less than one thousand words must be posted as part of a collection

If you check the subgenre 'prompt' in your story tags, then people/readers can find everything here:


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I love finding forgotten treasures and the memories they conjure up.  Great prompts! 

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