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horrendous - Word of the Day - Sat Dec 1, 2023




horrendous - (adj) - horrible; dreadful;

Oh Yeah It Was Terrible GIF by Amazon Prime Video


There are far too many horrendous writers in Hollywood for it to survive on it's current path.


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Unfortunately, we can become immune or numb to horrendous acts by repeated exposure to them.

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8 hours ago, Bill W said:

 Being a guy who's a big college football and basketball fan, there are horrendous teams in each league as well.  Every year they're at the bottom of the standings.  

Dat's how my Saints were for years. They were in the same misbegotten old NFC West division with the Fail-cons, Rams, and 49ers (Montana, Young), winning the division was not happening for decades with the storied legend of the 49ers dynasty happening. It wasn't until the late 90s, the Saints were even decent competition.

That's why I'm having fun watching perennial loser Detroit building themselves into a competitive team.

Your point is well taken about long-term losers like the Browns, Giants, Jets. They all have one thing in common: sub-par offensive lines.


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6 hours ago, wildone said:

Must have learned that from their mother, @Valkyrie No manners with that lady, none at all! Its actually horrendous!

There's nothing more horrendous than killing Santa. :unsure: :angry:

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26 minutes ago, Valkyrie said:

There's nothing more horrendous than killing Santa. :unsure: :angry:

Or Grandma getting runover by a reindeer! 

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