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easement - Word of the Day - Sun Dec 10, 2023




easement - (noun) - 1: an easing or being eased; 2: law a right that one may have in another's land.

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The power company has an easement to run power lines across a farmer's field.


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Easements can be a real PITA. There are all manner of subtle easements on your property you might not think of like power, gas, water, and cable lines.

Anyone buying waterfront property might find they don't have unrestricted and unfettered use of their property on the shoreline.

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When I bought my first house, we shared a driveway with the neighbor, so there was an easement that allowed both of us to use it.  When the driveway reached the back of our houses, there would be a fork for us to use to reach our own garage. 

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