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Around here it looks a lot like spring which means I feel either super energized---or I’m tired. Luckily some GA members sent me prompt ideas so I can find a comfy spot to take a nap in the sun. Thank you @Thirdly and @Lee Wilson.

PT #211

You’re a closeted gay man at a company gathering, for example, a conference of some kind. The company brought in a unique kind of entertainment and you’re attracted to one of the entertainers. With their costumes, you can’t tell if they’re male or female. You decide, what the heck, and ask them to meet you later. They’re not what you expected.

PT #212

Under My Skin: A mage with lightning ability goes head to head with a rival mage with an affinity for wind. But, when they are both chosen to train under the master mage, they are forced to work together. As they begin to get underneath one another's skin, the more the master mage seems pleased with the development. Why does it feel like he's instigating them on purpose?


If you check the subgenre 'prompt' in your story tags, then people/readers can find everything here:



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Looking forward to stories on 211. The idea came from an actual occurrence in my life. Well, up to the point of asking to meet him/her. I’ll be taking this one on for sure.

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I should just make a list of random plot bunnies that I can't work on while I struggle with the societies of the plot bunnies I am working on. 😂

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