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The Traveller



I'm reading 'The Traveller' by John Twelve Hawks. Fantastically frighteningly plausible.


The concept is similar to 'The Matrix' in that he world is having the wool pulled over its eyes, this time by 'the Brethren' who are in control. Our world is one of many planes of existence, and only travellers can move between them. They are initially trained by 'Pathfinders' and protected by 'Harlequins'.


The methods of control cited by Twelve Hawks are all real as I write, except that some are slightly more advanced.


Cell phones let the authorities know exactly where you are, credit cards tell them where you are, what you spend, what you buy and supermarket loyalty cards that give you free gifts for points do the same. Passports carry all our pertinent data.


CCTV linked to computers follow you where ever you go, and facial recognition software can pick you out of a crowd.


Add to 'The Traveller' the recent advances in DNA, which can provide mind numbingly frightening data before

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The planet is already over-populated, and I think it can be assumed that the majority of gay people aren't adding to the population (except for the minority who have children through surrogate mothers or who have had kids with women either because they're bisexual or deeply closeted and ended up getting married), that if we take Kinsey's 10% theory, and suddenly that previously (generally) non-reproductive 10% are gone and replaced with more reproducing people, then the over-population problem is only going to get worse. And that's not even taking into account the ethical side of the issue (and I think it's unethical to fiddle around with Mother Nature in that way). *sigh*

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