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ocelot - Word of the Day - Sun Apr 7, 2024




ocelot - (noun) - a medium-sized, spotted wildcat of N. and S. America



The security camera recorded an ocelot passing though the backyard of the cabin.


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Ocelot comes from French via the Nahuatl word for jaguar.

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Of the wild cats, Ocelots are stunning. There's a YouTube video of a farm family who found one in their barn and raised it, thinking it was a domestic cat. They raised it and got a big surprise. It was released into the wild but came back and lives in the forest near their ranch and visits them regularly.

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I suppose only the British could have come up with this line of reasoning. Their wheeled armoured vehicles are manufactured under one nomenclature and used under a different one, as in: Ocelots are Foxhounds; Cougars are Mastiffs, Wolfhounds, or Ridgebacks; but why are Snatches called Vixens.

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