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Sam embraces his "Festeriness"



Sam had his head shaved at the hair salon a while ago. He wanted it shaved with a razor, but they just used clippers and it was not really "down to the skin." But it was close. Well, one of his 'friends' told him he looked like Uncle Fester. Ok, Sam is a pretty sensitive kid at times. So when he told me this, I really expected him to go all drama queen on me (yes, he gets that from me). But instead, he decided to 'embrace his Festerness.' I was very proud of him when he told me that.


So he has been wearing his "Uncle Fester" t-shirt all the time--to the point where I had to physically pull it from him and race him down the cellar stairs and shove it in the washing machine so he wouldn't smell like he had something 'festering.' *shakes head* Believe me, 11 year old boys can work up quite a stench without much effort. Fortunately he likes to be in the pool--I add extra chlorine because I am never quite sure where his feet have been. Which is probably a good thing because really, do I WANT to know? No, I do not.


We were sitting at the dining room table playing Yahtzee and he says to me, "Mark had his head shaved yesterday, right?" Yes, he did. "Will you shave my head? It's starting to grow back now and I'm losing my Festeriness." (Yes, he said "Festeriness") "And I want it right down to the skin, like Mark."


I've never shaved a head before. I didn't figure it would be too difficult. I mean, it's nice and round and hard. How hard can it be? So I got out my razors (had 4 left) and a thing of water and some shaving gel and went to work.


Well, 4 razors later I had a little better than half his head shaved. And it wasn't like I had one half completely shaved and the other not shaved at all--no, I didn't do it like that. I moved around his head as I tried to find easy places to shave. So when I say he had half his head shaved, I mean he looked like he had mange.


So Sam and I went to Walmart. No, he didn't wear a hat. I would have worn a hood--or maybe a paper bag. No, actually, I wouldn't have gone out. But really, I wouldn't have shaved my head in the first place. Sam thoroughly enjoyed his trip to Walmart and all the looks he got. He took EVERY opportunity to call attention to himself while we were there. He is SUCH an attention whore. (Ok, he MAY get some of that from me...)


When we got home I finished shaving his head. Bought different razors. Bought the nice ones designed for shaving sensitive skin. Not that his head is sensitive--it is a brick. But I promised him that I would buy him She Creature (video or dvd) if I cut him. (I didn't cut him but will buy it for him anyway if I can find it--will look online.)


He went into the pool and rinsed his head--for about a half hour (chlorine working nicely to turn those black feet back to white feet and I even noticed he had white hands when he came out of the pool--have to love chlorine). Then he did some camera whoring. Hmm...Attention whore, camera whore. Ok, the whore part seems to be a theme forming. Must be genetic.


So anyway...heeeerrrr's Fester...er...I mean Sam:




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:D i love Sam or is it Fester, and he looks much better than i do with his head shaved


*laughs and shakes head* I really love the Sam tales he is such a great kid and he gets that from you, you have taught him well.


:D give Sam a big hug from me and tell him I think he is a great fester

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We had a friend that decided to go bald like that. People kept asking him how long he had had cancer so he grew it back.

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Sam's MUCH braver than I was at his age. I liked hair, lots of it to hide behind... Still do, though hats and shades work well as an alternative.

Our school barber was a nazi with a pudding bowl, and best avoided.


Also, I love that T-shirt!


Cool son you have there Luc.


Camy B)

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