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  1. pep


    This looks like it could be a prequel to Operation Hammerhead. I hope this was just a warm up for a bigger story
  2. Someone got lucky in someones pants
  3. The first thing they should do is make it a law they won't get payed themselves as long as the shutdown is holding. Do they have no shame? Sending all those people home without pay while their salaries are being payed. They should be the first to close down, since they don't seem to be doing their jobs. Do they even knwo what they are doing? http://on.aol.com/video/congressman-castigates-park-ranger-for-the-memorial-closure-he-voted-for-517956184 Is he really that stupid or just an attention whore? I know I have no reason to talk, living in the country that holds the record for time needed to form a government after elections. But even in those days, everything kept working, another day at the office. Our congress even voted for a budget and held off the international crisis of a few years ago. I'm sorry for you and your mother for having a run in with the only agency that isn't closed down. I hope it all works out in the end.
  4. pep

    Chapter 64

    Mark you devious ... Getting everything working out so nice for Winkler and then to end with that statement.
  5. pep

    Chapter 60

    Maybe if they retrieve Eastwick & co, they might snap up that french korvet, so they have 2 ships to take all the men home. Might help with the cramped housing they now undoubtedly have, having almost two full crews on 1 ship. Great chapter as always, though it meant the loss of such a fine ship Bacchante was, not to forget Humphreys. His death in combat will save him from the inquisition as to the loss of Bacchante. Had maidstone survived it would have been a dirty battle to save his carreer.
  6. R.I.P. Vic, the first chatbuddy I met on this site

  7. pep

    Chapter 39

    somehow reading Humphreys and "... are you free.." in one sentence planted something in my mind that made me smile. I guess I'm getting old
  8. Didn't he feature in Allie Mcbeal for a season?
  9. I'm thinking of an English singer whom made kiss an art of noise whistling: "You don't have to be beautyfull to turn me on,..."
  10. I knew the name, because I googled chess champions. I wanted to put a B.S. in the text, but I was affraid they might have misinterpreted that
  11. His adversary (is that how you call it), the guy that played against Bobby fisher?
  12. pep

    Chapter 37

    Is it because te Viceroy isn't native Spanish, he is able te overcome the hostilities and come up with a compromise that is satisfactory for both parties? Their ship gets an escort to their destination and Granger gets a considderable amount of prizemoney, without having to chase the cargo. Though he gets some cash and maybe recognition, I have no doubt his political adverdaries will try to use it against him for not taking the entire cargo. Anyway, all we can do is wait for the next chapters to be posted to see how it all plays out.
  13. The Belgian kings still use their name of Saksen Koburg
  14. I'm troubled about the situation of Jeff. Either the colonel is double crossing and has plans of his own with the clones, or Jeff is in de the hands of the religious fanatics and they want to use him as a scapegoat. Only way to tell which it is is the next chapters,so keep them coming
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