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Horror at the dentist!



Okay so I had a dentist appointment this morning and since Rich's car has taken up permanent residence in our driveway I had to drive him to work and then go to the dentist. Well I was like WAY early for my appointment so I thought I would stop at the Borders book store but it didn't open till 9 am so I figured... wtf? and went early to my appointment. I walked in and the dentist took me right away and gets me all in his chair with the little bib thingy on and then he grabs this scary like huge plier, tweezer, scissor looking tool and says something like... "Oh, I made a really good temporary tooth didn't I?" and I am thinking to myself... :blink: Huh?! So then he starts like looking around in my mouth and keeps looking at the opposite side of my mouth from where he told me I had to have a broken filling replaced, again I was like... Uhhh???! So when he went for that scary tool thing again I said, "Wait! Umm, you said I just needed a filling replaced that was broken on this side of my mouth." :unsure: So he is all confused and trying to figure it all out and I finally ask him if he maybe had the wrong chart maybe since I was so early and it turns out he did but... OMFG! :wacko: :o Aside from that... what is the deal with the guy repeatedly smoothing down the bib?! :thumbdown: Anyway, once he finally got it straight who I was and what I needed done he said, "Oh, this should be simple and quick... maybe we can do it without numbing you." :o Hell f**king no! SO I made him numb me and then I was out of there in 10 minutes :P


So I spent a LOT of time on the phone today :2thumbs: 2 hours I think with my Sweetie :wub: and some more with another cutie... which I cannot quit smiling and grinning like crazy for :D I tried to call my angel, but I think he was out on a hot date with some paint or something, but anyway I missed him. I missed you angel :wub: Oh and Kev... Davey and I will call you sometime together since it's free. Soon since he is on PDT for the week ;)


One more week of Good Scouts before we are done for the summer, but it was too cute today. These are a bunch of 9, 10, and 11 year olds and we are in the park practicing some songs and a flag ceremony, etc... for our awards ceremony next week and these boys in the park seem to flock over and sat down to watch them :lmao:


I actually wrote some more... finally and I have the next chapter of FBTE ready to post, hopefully it will be up tomorrow... even if I have to do some fancy persuading to get Rich to do it 0:)


While I was on the phone with Davey today... it was SO funny! My son was skipping around in some new flip flops and when he went from the room I was in, which is carpeted, to my bedroom, which has wood flooring, he slipped and skidded into the closet door and the look in his poor little face was like :o Oh s**t! Too cute! That, and I measured him... at 4 1/2 years old he is 42 inches tall and Dave was laughing when I reminded him I am only 63 <_< Just for reference, my daughter who is 10 1/2 is 59 inches now...


Whatever... I'm short and sweet 0:)


Hugs guys,



PS. Jason, I have had so much fun meeting you and talking and I wanted to officially welcome you to the world :hug: Ronnie, I swear if you give me a heart attack... I'll kick your butt myself! Natey... :wub: hope your night with the a**hole wasn't too bad.


PS2... Angel.. I almost did it tonight but I waivered... but I decided I'm going to do it... definitely, cause I'm being totally pathetic right now and I am not a pathetic person! Sigh... Besides... Davey agrees so... I know if the guy who is the same person as me says I need to do it, I must need to... and yes I know that's a cop out... I just hate having to be pathetic and I'm not used to having to stick up for myself... but I'm going to try :D


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I'm never scared by horror movies. [except for maybe the Hills Have Eyes]


It takes a dentist to make my hair stand on end.

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OH my gosh!! :o:huh::unsure: Dentists scare me so much! I was even scared to read your entry :P , lol and yeah I'm definitely going to be all paranoid now! I hadn't even occurred to me before that they might grab the wrong chart :wacko: . I can just see myself now next time I go to the dentist, "Hi, as that CHART SAYS I'm Kevin ___, and as you can see from the CHART I'm here for ___"....of course that's contingent on my ability to speak....which is often signficantly impaired when I'm at the dentist anyway :/


Take care and have an awesome day, Viv! :D:D



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