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a.k.a Bob Vila



It's been a while since I did a blog so I figured I'd better get to it! Let's see.....


Work is going very well, I even picked up a way to make a little extra money cleaning the office. It's only for a couple of hours every other week but it comes out to $100 bucks a month and every little bit helps. Between my regular job, and my night job and the cleaning Sam should have a good christmas!!


I've been hit by a remodeling bug these last few weeks, leave it to me who always has to be 'different' to get hit with that during the blazing hot summer and not spring or fall when it's actualy comfortable to work. The first week I put down linoleum on the dining room side of the livingroom, to distinguish it more as a dining room. That was okay because it was downstairs and we have air conditioning on our first floor and I was so impressed with how well it all went I wanted to do more. The only other places in the house that could use some re-flooring are upstairs though with NO AC. But despite that I started in redoing the stairs. Before I started they were a nasty painted dark green with a large landing at the top that was painted a babypoop brown (Course I'm taking sam's word on that, I'm relieved to say I've never actually seen baby poop!)


Anyways, I made my journey to home depot last Saturday was there by 6:15 and grabbed a cart. I headed straight for the linoleum tile section and found some really nice tile that looked just like a hard wood floor. I don't know if I have cheap taste or not but it was priced way lower than all the other tile only 16.00 a case when the next cheapest was 26.00 a case, yet it still had 10 year warranty so I bought two cases of it. Then I went and bought a gallon of white paint, two paint brushes (counting on help from Sam!) and an exacto knife. I check out and realize my 'stair remodeling project' is only costing 48 dollars! Can't beat that.


So I get home and do my regular cleaning and about that time Sam gets up so we start in on painting. GOD was it HOT I was dripping sweat which I think is so gross but I just wanted to get it done. We painted the walls on the stairs the base boards the railing and the risers and were all done in a few hours. I set to work laying the tiles over the babypoop at the top of the stairs and didn't quit until around four when that landing was all done. SO all I have left to do today are the stairs themselves.


I want to redo the bathroom upstairs too, but I may try and hold off until it's cooler outside. That room gets absolutely no fresh air but it really needs to be redone.


In story news there's just one more chapter of Cameron which will be out this Friday. After that there should be a two or three week Hiatus before a new story (yet to be named, but already written) will start posting. I've very very nervous about this new story as I've said but everyone that's read it says it's great so I'm going with it.


Well I guess that's all I got for now, I hope my 'tales of remodeling' wasn't too boring. OHHH I did notice the other day when I read Nick's one year post that I've been here a year too as of August 7th. Of course I didn't really start posting until February I was a definite "lurker" so I don't know if it really counts or not!


Okay well I hope everyone has a great day!! and *BIG HUGS* to all my wonderful GA friends!!




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Hey Vance, I grew up every summer of my life in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. Take Sam's word for it, I've seen "baby poop brown" and every other ugly color in the world. There wasn't one cottage in our neighborhood that didn't have some butt ugly color painted on it or in it somewhere. Orange and green staircases, aqua and yellow kitchens. Oh, the horror, and these places were all owned by my aunt and uncle. I guess it was just to take our minds off the un-even floors or the sagging roof. You don't want to know how many porch floors I had to paint Battle Ship gray. I hope your project comes out looking the way you want it to. Good Luck and thanks for finding time in between to write such touching stories. I am stuck in Florida and though I love it here, my mind still wanders the streets of Ocean Park when life gets to busy. The beaches here pale in comparison to the ones I grew up on. Reading your blog brings back those wonderful memories. THANKS



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Guest OneTime


Hey. Just thought I'd let ya know, I've had that bug myself. This place is ready for it to strike again! lOl

And to say WOW about Cameron. Awesome story telling!

I keep reading blog entries but never leave notes, so I thought, hey, so...

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:D nothing better than getting that bug to do some DIY projects around the house, i got one last year around summertime too hmmm must be the weather :D i am probably just sad but I love hearing stories of projects people do like this so keep them coming :hug:
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