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Mondays are horrible....at least this one was



It's funny how the human mind works sometimes. Like, you forget something important, don't even think about it all day long. Then you go to bed, or try to. Then suddenly, the thing you forgot pops into your head!


That's what happened to me.


Rewind- Raining like crazy here, I had to skip class AGAIN to take my Mom to her Chinese doctor and then pick her up, since she's in no condition to drive. There is no one else to help her, so basically it's up to me. And of course, this is the day my professor gives out the paper topics, which is due Monday. Granted I wouldn't even begin writing the paper until Saturday afternoon or evening, it would be nice to know what the topic was, so maybe I could create a basic outline, in my head or something. Why me?


I hate stressing, seriously. Why bother? Like getting straight A's won't gaurantee a good job or whatever. So in theory, stressing about this seems so insignificant, but I'm one of those people that will be losing sleep over this or worrying about it subconciously. Jeez, I hate myself sometimes.


Plus, things have a weird way of working themselves out....right? I hope?


Ah, what a bad way to start the week.


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Hmmm. Sounds like you need a helper monkey who has his drivers license. Or a clone. Yeah! :2thumbs:


I'm so helpful. :sheep:


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