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Busted chapter 16



[you know it's not going to be this easy. Be honest. You know that. :P This was originally chapter 15, but I needed a flashback, so it isn't]


Toby's scream brought Chris to his feet. The boy was lying on the ground on the other side of the pool, holding his knee and crying. Chris crossed the distance in four strides, almost falling himself as he ran on the hot concrete patio blocks that ringed the pool. He was there in seconds, cradling Toby as he cried.


"Sh, sh, it's okay. Papa's here, Toby." He hugged the crying boy to him, stroking his hair and trying to take the pain away. It didn't work, it never did, but that never stopped Chris from trying.


When Toby's crying faded to sniffles Chris gave him one last hug.


"What happened, Toby?"


"I slipped, papa," Toby mumbled into Chris' shoulder.


Chris sat down carefully, still cradling Toby. With his feet dangling in the water he looked Toby over. One knee was bleeding, the skin abraded away.


"I see. Looks like you landed pretty hard there, sport."


Toby nodded. His eyes were bright, tears leaking down his cheeks. Chris pulled him close and kissed the top of his head.


"We're going to need to get it washed out and make sure there's nothing in it. Can you be a big boy for papa?"


"I c'n," Toby said.


"Good boy. Hold on tight, okay?" Chris' voice was soft and reassuring. He hated this part, hated doing anything that might cause his son pain. But it had to be done. "Squeeze if it hurts. That's all right."


Chris reached to his right and grabbed one of the pool toys that were scattered. It was a plastic cup in the shape of a fish. Not too big, but big enough. He scooped up some of the pool water and poured it over the scrape.


Toby squeezed hard as the chlorinated water washed over the cut. It stung, but he tried to be strong, like his Papa. Even still, he whimpered a little. Chris kissed him again.


"You're doing really well, sport." He took a look at the cleaned out scrape. It wasn't anything big, just a few layers of skin missing and some blood.


"Looks okay," Chris said. "I think you're gonna live."




"Yep," Chris replied. "But


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