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  1. I'd like to find a story with a cute animal companion with ADD or alcohol problems. An opposing character flaw has to juxtapose the fluffy or cute appearance with said animal companion that's relatable. Not everything is cute in actual life, so why can't I find an adorable cat with anxiety issues and have a habit of taking catnip to extremes now and then?
  2. I guess there's a vast difference between erotica in fiction for the sake of getting off, compared to writing erotica as part of the storyline. For example: Compared to: I mean, if I wanted to get off by reading a narrative, I'd go to nifty and waste my time filtering stories with a good storyline, plot, narration, and grammar...to pop the cherry after an exhausting read. But if you want to be intrigued by a good sex scene, crafting sex scenes that don't seem jarring, but intriguing, is the challenge. Writing about two men humping each other for the sake of letting the re
  3. LJCC

    Sunrise Surf

    I'm not really in the business of being a grammar nazi douchbagger, but this one is triggering me. I apologize in advance. It's impossible to use 'slitted' in the context when used as a verb. Slitted means 'to make a long narrow cut'. Unless you're using it in a context where someone has just scalpel'd his eyes or slit his eyes, like in a reference to someone slicing one's throat--then yes, it's possible. Slit-eyed/slit eyes is the adjective used to describe the narrowing shape of an eye. ...the accompanying spray forced my eyes to keep squinting. ...the accompanying spray
  4. Sometimes writers purposely create epilogues so they won't need to continue the story. Because the force is real when they need to stop themselves from creating book 100, on stories that have several series. Sometimes it's like...Listen to Elsa damn it: LET IT GO. It also applies to certain book genres: you can't expect books dealing with drama or loss to have an epilogue. "Sarah finally got her kidneys via a black market donor. Jimmy finally sold his kidneys to a black market specialist. He died 7 weeks later. The end." "After boarding the flight to see Gary, whose flight
  5. My mom lives in Sunnybank Hills, Brisbane. I'd been keeping tabs on her everyday. I can't believe what's happening down there right now. I can't believe so many horrible things have been happening just this year. The start of the new decade and we get this for starters. 
  6. I personally prefer to write with no distractions. Although sometimes there are songs that resonate with what your writing. I just can't focus if I'm in a busy crowded place--tried the Starbucks route, I ended up Youtubing and googling random crap unrelated to what I'm writing. I get distracted easily that it's not healthy, specially if I'm googling information. One thing leads to another. Let's say I'm searching for a skipper boat in the Mediterranean. Skipper Boat > Greece > Holiday Destinations in Europe> Malta > Hotels in Malta > Wiki Malta> Axis Siege > Phoenic
  7. LJCC

    Chapter 76

    What kyoont that woman is.
  8. Trust me. If you're quitting smoking, your brain is recalibrating the hormone levels as it adjusts the loss of nicotine. Think of the chemicals in your brain as a weighing scale. By quitting smoking, you've tipped the balance of your brain chemicals by taking out nicotine as the source of a primary booster for dopamine--the mood elevator. So anything that you associate as pleasurable will be re-tuned and readjusted by your brain as it resupplies itself with a more natural source for 'happiness' that you'd once gotten from smoking. When I quit smoking in 2016, the first month, I was drinki
  9. My early 2020 goal is to finish the story I'm writing and have it published here. But I may have bitten more than I could chew.
  10. LJCC

    School Survival

    Wow. He just spotted a model whilst in the middle of a shootout in a zombie apocalypse. 😁
  11. It's supercalifragilisticexpial-ecstatic Even though the sound of it Is something quite ecstatic. If you say it loud enough You'll always sound ecstatic. Supercalifragilisticexpial-ecstatic. I imagined my uncle singing the ecstatic parts. It's deftly atrocious.
  12. "Late one evening toward the end of March, a teenager picked-up a double-barreled shotgun, walked into the forest, put the gun into someone else's forehead, and pulled the trigger. This is the story of how we got there." - Beartown by Frederik Backman. That's his prologue. It was short and interesting; it got me hooked to be honest. I always imagined prologues are like the 5 second start to a movie or a minute intro of the story to an investigative crime-drama series. Not every film has it, but most likely if the plot involves some mystery, it will have one. Just like the f
  13. LJCC

    Chapter 1/1

    Wow. The writing is impeccable.
  14. The English Patient by Michael Ondaajatje was written in both Present and Past tense. Live events in the Italian villa were written in the present tense; and when one of the characters was having a flashback to a previous memory or event, it was written in the past tense. When I read the book for the second time, I was too young to understand how complex the story and narration is. I read it when I was 14 and reread it out of boredom while waiting for a friend at a coffee shop. My second read-through required slow and careful attention to rhythm. I got a sense that every word was strainin
  15. There's this story set in Australia about this guy named Matthew Kingston, this surfer bloke named Brad. It's probably one of the most thoroughly articulated stories here with excellent writing. But I can't seem to find it anymore from this site. And I can't find the author either. I read it back in 2017. i want to recommend it but I can't find it unless someone has the link.
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